01 April, 2009

Potty on her own

Popo has made the right move. Since Smellybutt was a month old, Popo has put her on the potty, mainly want to 'teach' her to poo poo early in the morning, at noon before bath and late evening. Actually leh, Popo has been practicing this on her own child last time. Yes, inclusive me, her youngest daughter. My mom has trained me on potty right after she has brought me home from hospital. That means, the 3 of us (kor kor, jea jea, myself) were on potty since 3 days old!

And as a result of early potty, Smellybutt was able to give us the sign to poo poo or wee wee at the age of 5 month plus. She will stare at us with her red face, pushing out her gold already :P At 10 month old she'll point at her butt, and just before she turns 1 year old, she will say "tzee tzee" and we must grab the potty quickly before the arrival of the 'gold'. She will not poo poo in her diaper/nappy except when we really can't find a toilet for her during dinner time at Jinjang selatan hawker stall :P

Smellybutt will turn 18mth old next Tue. A new milestone recorded. Lately she has insisted to sit by herself on the potty when doing her 'business'. Before this, we used to put the potty in between our laps, and we will hold her when she sits on it. Now she wants her potty on the floor, so that she can sit on it without us holding her or the potty. We are all so proud of her! :)

And look at her proud smile too....

She was so happy when I snap this picture, happily laughing haahaa, shaking her legs as well. Due to the minor earthquake, kong kong panicked a bit and quickly hold the potty before we have her business all over the place! :P


Debbie M said...

good idea! I should start this also la.. can save money on diapers.. hehe..

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ya ya, start now, do it slowly :)


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