09 April, 2009


Gong gong has been complaining why Smellybutt doesn't want to call him gong gong, but always insist him to carry her most of the time when mama is not at home :P Gong gong said not fair! She can call everyone in the house except him. Hahahaha.

We have been teaching her to say "Gong Gong" and lately she can master a bit on the pronunciation, though lari margin a bit but it's very cute! Her version is "Dun Dun" instead of "Gong Gong" :)

Aaaa..now gong gong happy already, at least some calling name for him!

p/s : Dear Dory gu jeh...she's TRYING very hard to learn the word "gu" ya :P
She hasn't got her PhD yet for saying word with letter "G" :)


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