22 April, 2009

More teeth, less food

Finally I've managed to witness the newbies of 1 molar on the lower left jaw and 1 canine on the upper right jaw. Itu saja. The other lower right jaw apa pun tarak.

I thought that she can gasak more chunky food with those newbies. But lately she's been VERY fussy with her food. Bubur, sure doesn't want it anymore. She's been taking soup, tofu, steamed or stir fried vegetable, bread and milk ONLY. This has been ongoing for 2 weeks already. *biting finger nails*

Popo wants to surrender!! Really really really have no idea what else to feed her la wei. I wonder whether her gum is itchy or uncomfortable due to the teething, and that makes it as the main culprit for loosing her appetite. But 1 thing for sure, despite to her own 'dieting period' she still has FULL energy to walk and run around the house from 8am till 10pm. The only time which we can make her sit on 1 place is during feeding time, shower and afternoon nap. At least she's still very active.

Ever since she has weaned off from breastfeeding, she's on Mamil Gold Step 3. I'm about to get her a tin of Pediasure. Pediasure is meant for picky eaters. They’re a complete, balanced source of nutrition, providing the extra calories, plus the protein, vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth. Do you think Smellybutt is a picky eater? I'm not sure. Will consult Dr. Tan, her Pediatrician this evening. I need to talk to the health care professional about use of this product for child below 2yrs old. That's what stated at the back of the tin. But actually ar...she has tried it before, got it as a sample from the child care clinic. We didn't continue with it as it is meant for pick eaters. She was not a picky eater last time. And now..hmmm...I'll see what Dr. Tan has to say about her.

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Chinneeq said...

recently qiqi does not wanna eat too :(


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