14 April, 2009

Wipe it!

I still remember what my confinement lady has said to me about Smellybutt when she was merely a month old..."your baby ar..must feel clean all time, nappy wet a bit also cannot leh".

Hhm...looking at her now, I must admit that she's indeed very concern over cleanliness - hands, legs, face, mouth. These are the important parts which she concerns the most. Spill a bit of water onto her legs or hands, she'll immediately look for tissue paper or any cloth that she found, to clean the 'mess' on her body. Only a few drops of water, consider as a big mess already. Even if the floor has few drops of water, she can't stand it either. She'll start pointing on the water and say "wet wet err.." and hunt for tissue paper. She will use about 5 pieces of tissue paper a day, just for the little bit of water here and there. Popo is scared of her already... and quickly replace the box of tissue paper with a toilet roll instead :) save my bill :P Pulling out the tissue paper is such a big fun for her!

Few months back, she refused to wear a bib during meal time. Initially, she'll want us to clean the dirt on her mouth. But lately she will clean it all by herself, using the bib. So now Popo can convince her to wear a bib already. But there were times where she will use her baju to clean her mouth, without knowing that the bib was not around her neck.


Chinneeq said...

smart baby !

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehe thx for dropping by, chinnee!


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