29 September, 2009

Finally..A nice birthday cake for the 2 of them!

I'm glad it was over....with JOY! I had a tough time to make decision which cake to order, which baker to choose from. Then later encountered last minute cancellation from the baker. And finally we get to celebrate Dun Dun and Smellybutt's pre birthday with my close relatives together with this lovely birthday cake!

We had it at Marco Polo Restaurant. Why there? Because we do not have enough of children headcount (min 10 children) to celebrate at Mc Donald, thus we decided to have a dinner at a restaurant instead. Oh btw, we get to watch free dance show by the "Aquas" there too. Hehehehe. Coincidentally, there was a wedding banquet at the hall. That newly wed (and rich) couples have arranged for some live dancing show for their guests. Smellybutt doesn't want to leave the place, she said "want to see cheh cheh dance!".

Here are the pictures which were taken on that day. Erm...please excuse me for the bad picture quality. Resolution too high, scratching my head to rectify this before posting them here. But I gave up.

The lovely dovey birthday cake for the 2 VIPs :)

Close-up on the 3 stooges. Not bad lah, hand drawn.

Smellybutt was really happy with our unplugged birthday song, followed by a Mandarin version from her 2 lil cousin brothers too.

A big big bite!

Group photo together with my aunt, uncle and cousin sistas!

My family

This is one for the prop I bought for her cake. She loves ambella :)

P/s : Stay tune for the coming actual date i.e 7 Oct 09. I've hide all her pressies under the bed, just want to let her see all of them on the actual day. Popo will be getting her another cake too. I think we'll have nightmare over cake after this.

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