17 September, 2010

Ardo Calypso is the chosen one

I really had a super hard time to decide which dual breast pump that I should buy for my upcoming 2nd breast feeding journey with Lil BB. So many new brand available in the market now, with so many new function, accompanied by so many different pricing from different seller.

I used to adore my Medela Mini-E single breast pump. That is my very first and most expensive electric breast pump I've ever owned. Initially, I was using First's Year manual breast pump during my 2 month maternity period at home. It worked very well, and I managed to express 4oz of breast milk on my first try with it! I didn't have much knowledge about breast feeding at that point of time. Smellybutt could latched on easily but somehow I still couldn't breast feed her directly most of the time coz the timing wasn't right. Confinement lady feed her with formula milk, and there goes my opportunity to provide my lil one with fresh and warm breast milk direct from "de pipe" :P Luckily I've managed to contact Gina Yong, a certified lactation advisor who's now a friend of mine, for breast feeding guide. She's awesome! I called her day and night whenever I need help. She was the 1 who advised me to invest on a good quality breast pump if I want to continue providing breast milk for my lil baby. in long run That was when I decided to invest on Medela brand. Her advised was to get a dual pump, for better output result and time saving purpose. But I could only afford for the Mini-E single pump then. The Medela PIS price is way over my budget.

Half way through using Medela Mini-E breast pump, I really wanted to upgrade to a dual pump as I really felt that a single pump consumed a lot of my time. I was still very happy using it as I've managed to provide full breast milk supply to Smellybutt for the first 6mth. After dilly dally with it....to change or not to change....somehow time passed by so fast and I was still using it when Smellybutt already turned 1yr old. Ok, forget about the dual pump lah. I've officially weaned off from the breast pump when Smellybutt turned 1yr old. And Smellybutt self-weaned off from breast feeding at the age of 17 month old. That's the end of my breast feeding journey - a happy ending!

So here it is, my brand new dual pump, Ardo Calypso brand from UK. I almost bought it from the Parenthood Fair at a discounted price, but I didn't as I was still hesitating a bit on the $$. Some how my kiasi sense has actually saved my pocket! Last week, I started to search around from a few online seller, and comparing their prices. Apparently they are still offering the discount for this brand. Different seller offers different discount rate.

Finally I got the best offer from The Baby Loft at RM800 nett for an upgraded set (usual price : RM976. after discount : RM849). I can even get it lower than the after discount price =) Very happy Ooo!! Rushed and bought it from the shop on 15 Sep night coz this great offer is valid until 16 Sept only . What a last minute purchase :P According to the sales staff, this machine works silently, even Ameda which works silently as well also can't beat this brand. Well, expressing breast milk discreetly is equally important to me. My Medela Mini-E pump is so noisy +_+

I was so tempted to purchase Pump' Pal breast shield as well, as I do not want to encounter the same backache again from bending my body front ward a bit while expressing breast milk. Pump' Pal can help mommy to express breast milk while resting on the back comfortably. But the sales staff said not necessary to purchase Pump' Pal breast shield now as Calypso comes with 3 different sizes of breast shield. So perhaps I can try on all 3 sizes to determine which breast shield fits me (or rather my nipples :P) coz the reason why I need to bend down last time was might due to the size of the Medela breast shield not suitable for me.

This brand offers 2 years of warranty, and the best part is, the warranty period will commence based on my EDD, instead of the date of purchase. Their service centre is in Setapak. In case of machine breakdown, I can either send the faulty breast pump to The Baby Loft (TBL) or go direct to the service centre. But best to go direct to their service centre lah coz they will repair it immediately on t
he spot. If thru TBL, I might only get it back after a few days. Calypso breast pump is very light, and is made of BPA Free material too.

Really can't wait to try it!!

at anytime while expressing breast milk, I can still re-adjust the cycles repeatedly to maximize my output

it is also battery operated


Lisa Chan said...

It is a good dual breastpump.. apparently Ardo Calypso service centre is same as Ameda. The technician is very helpful too.. :)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

glad to hear the positive feedback =)

LittleLamb said...

good luck in a ur breast feeding journey later on. during mytime, i was using Spectra.

btw, how's the bday preparation?6 oct is coming up soon. for me i just ordered the cupcakes. the party pack cnanot think yet

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thx LittleLamb! Hope to have a smooth BF journey again =)

b'day preparation ka, ok ler. concentrate more on the celebration on 2 Oct, do it earlier together with Smellybutt's little cousin bro and my dad as well (three some :P)now cracking head for a place with private room. kids will run around! for celebration at the kindy on 7oct, will get cupcakes and for party pack, found the place to buy those mini sized food for the kids!

Health Freak Mommy said...

WOW, so expensive!!! But I guess it's worth the money spent. If you breastfeed yr bb for 2 yrs, the money spent on formula is even more expensive than the breast pump eh? All the best in your delivery!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

expensive ka? tot consider cheap de for a dual pump, super light some more. hehe yeah 2yr savings on formula milk vs this pump, worth it!!

LittleLamb said...

where to buy mini sized food? can email me at racheljtle @ gmail .com?


Anonymous said...

how is it compared to medela FS?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi! Thx for dropping by.
I haven't try on it yet as my EDD is 1st Dec. Will provide my review on this breast pump very soon =)

Anonymous said...

wish you all the best!!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...


Kiena said...

I'm not using this pump but interested to buy it. I saw the testimonial about this pump wrote

"Its functioning just like medela freestyle, but it's more quiter and affordable than medela itself. "

I also want to try it first before buy for my 3rd child in March next year.

@dstep said...

Hi.. I am thinking to buy ardo as my medela swing going to kaput already. Any feedback after you use ardo?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi @dstep, when I had engorgement it helped to draw out my milk fast and efficiently. But after some time using it, for few month already I've been facing low suction problem from the pump. The service guy asked me to check on the valve/membrane to see any damage on it, coz a small tear on the valve will cause low suction. I've replaced a new valve, after using it a few days, low suction again whenever I use dual pump. But if using single pump only, suction is fine +_+ I've ignore it :P and I still can maintain my supply well with Ardo. Maybe it is just my pump that has this issue. Overall the pump is quiet, light and ...not bad :)

@dstep said...

Yesterday I bought the ado, with single pump. Actually got it cheaper from a friend of mine who stopped BF several months ago. I need to buy the upgrade set and make it dual pump, do you know where is a good place to buy? Also I tried using dual - one side ardo, the other medela, and found that it is quite difficult to hold two bottles at the same time for 30mins, and doing nothing else.... When using single pump, another free hand can flip magazine... Any recommendation for better holding two pumps at one time?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

U may check the price from www.enjoybreastfeed.com they offer great pump package. currently www.babylandmalaysia.com also having great promo on pump. compare the price between these 2 online store.

I used to have a madela Mini-E for my first child. But when I started to use dual pump last year, at the beginning I really find it difficult to hold 2 shields at 1 time. Then slowly I can adjust myself with it with the below tips:

1) use your baju to cover the top of the 2 shields then pull your baju tightly at the back, twist it to a knot and u lean against the chair so that the baju holds your shield in place. with this you can be hands free!

2) otherwise, you can do what i'm currently doing now. after i put both shields on my boobs, i hold both shields with my right arm only. thus my left hand is free n easy surfing net/read mag! imagine you carrying your baby, the place where your baby sits on your arm is the place where u let both shields sit on your arm too. If you need further clarification, do drop me an email at karuppiwei@gmail.com I can show you picture how to hold it :)

By using dual pump, you should be able to reduce your pumping time to 15-20mins.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Otherwise, you can purchase Pumpin' Pal Hands Free strap http://www.pumpinpal.com/html/hands-free_breast_pumping_strap.htm

I've bought it (quite pricey though) but then, after a while lazy to use it :P Buzz me if you want to get a pre-loved pumpin' pal strap from me ok ;) But you also need time to get used to this strap, i struggled a bit too at the initial stage.

Kriker said...

Hi there. I started following your blog after I realized that you were also using Ardo Calypso. I have just bought mine 2 weeks ago. I need your help.. I am not producing enough milk for my 10 week old baby. Probably because I didn't let him suckle enough since birth. Can you refer me to your LC Gina Yong? Or give me her number? I really, really need help, I am desperate. *paiseh. My email is dgoofball@gmail.com. Please email me her contact if you don't mind! Thank you!!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi Kriker! Emailed you Gina's no oredi! So sorry for my late reply. Not able to check email frequently during the long holiday.

Ain said...

Hi. May I know what is the actual weight of this pump? How light is it? Since I'm comparing it with other brand which is 0.4kg only. Thus, really excited to know this brand actual weight for comparison. Thanks ya!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi Ain,
I don't know how much it weighs exactly. It is very light, i guess just slightly heavier than Medela FS pump (slightly bigger in size than FS too). It is very very light. The only heavy thing is the main adapter.

Tya said...

hai dear.

can i know where is the service centre u mentioned in setapak? cloudnt find it on google.


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