07 September, 2010

Holiday @ pre-school

This is yet another round for Smellybutt to spend her school holiday break at the pre-school again. Why?? All because of her long term "puasa" habit. She has not been eating well ever since she had recovered from the stubborn fever 2 weeks ago. She looks so much thinner now, although she only shed 1kg when she was ill. Even loosing 100gram is still very much concerned by me, coz she is not like any other child who can gain weight easily. Her current weight is still the very pathetic 10kg.

As usual, she will skip her dinner for almost everyday, inclusive of her milk intake before bed. NO FOOD at all after her lunch from pre -school. Maybe some biscuits or a few bite of bun after she wakes up from her afternoon nap. That's all.

Although she is still very active as usual, but this has been continuing for quite some time and I do get worried more. She will only eat or drink her milk when she is in the pre-school. The moment she's back to her home sweet home, she starts to rule over her meal intake lah. Thus I've decided to continue sending her to the pre-school during this school holiday. At least she continues to take 8oz of milk at 7.45am in the school compound, snack at 9.30am and a proper lunch at 12.15pm. All this under the teacher's supervision. By sending her to the pre-school during school holiday, I've gotto pay extra (affordable lah, not too much) coz only full day care children will continue to be sent to the pre-school. Those children who only sign up for half day school need not go there during school break. I would rather pay some extra fees just to get her eat properly and do some simple holiday work sheet prepared by the teacher, rather than staying at home rejecting all sorts of food and watch Ultraman series repeatedly (means cry repeatedly too!). When she's not eating, everybody got tensed up. Dun Dun and Po Po will start to nag at her why refuse to eat. Then they will channel their complaint to me, and make me feel tensed up too @_@ So now everybody is happy =) Smellybutt gets her meals in pre-school, and we save our saliva from all the nagging. Happy ending.

At times, I do feel bad over this matter. It seems like whatever I did, Smellybutt is still a very picky eater. Yeah, I know that there are many other mommies out there who suffer the same like me. I really hope that I can do something to "repair" her appetite, so that she can eat properly. Must do more research on how to overcome this chronic issue.....yes it's a chronic case for me! No 2 is coming soon, I do not want to deal with 2 picky eaters in the future. 1 is driving me up the wall already.


LittleLamb said...

What the paed say?
U tried all types of food for her already? My son is on Pediasure and he loves sausage and egg. So I keep feeding him that. Oh..he likes soup also. So the cook will blend all the meat / veg to be part of the soup n he will drink it.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Pead said as long as she's healthy, less worry =)

She's on Pediasure too. She loves white plain rice than any other cooked food! pengsan or not? sup also like, but ikut mood +_+ Her top fav is none other than ice cream, vitagen, and biscuit. I can't be feeding her these 3 sinful stuff continuously rite. Haaiihh....been scratching my head, almost botak liao.


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