23 September, 2010

A happy Mid-Autumn celebration

Yesterday we had a simple yet happy Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at my mom's house. None of us had a single bite on the mooncake on this special day :P We don't fancy mooncake lah. But I had already "sworn" in to have Haagan Daz Ice Cream Mooncake this year...however, bayang pun tarak ;( No time to buy 1, and HubB has been very busy traveling too. Wonder whether Haagan Daz still have plenty of it in store, therefore offering 50% discount to clear stock??!! I heard from my friend that 1pc of it will easily cost me around RM25 +_+

Here's Smellybutt, so engrossed with the colorful candles which Popo bought for her to lite up the tang lung.

She said, "mami, I pai-leng-leng the candles first ya" (means I arrange the candles nicely first)

And this is her mini work station at the car porch. She was the tang lung jaga, and her job was to pass each of the tang lung to us 1 by 1, for us to affix the candle on it.

First of all, must lite up her squirrel tang lung first so that she has 1 to hold on to. But after a while, she put it aside and started to bug us for the candles.

See, she was soaking wet due to running around the car porch non stop. She had even attempted to lite up the candles too! My sister and I was so stressed with her, screaming at her to stay away from the fire repeatedly. Our screaming just went into her left ear and then 'leak' out from her right ear immediately..... @_@

We didn't bring her out for a walk while carrying her tang lung, coz it seemed so quiet out there. All I saw was only 2 of my neighbour who played with the tang lung at their car porch. That was it. Pathetic betul this year. No money to buy tang lung and candles ka? Last year was still quite happening though. This is sad lah....

Here's the colorful paper tang lung nicely lite up and arranged on the clothes hanger :P Hope that next year's celebration will be much more merrier!

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