15 September, 2010

Tang Lung in de house

Mooncake and tang lung are available everywhere now. Before even reach the actual Mooncake Festival Day , I already so jelak with the mooncake lah. Since last year, my mom has been warning HubB not to buy her any mooncake. My mom and I don't really fancy those overly sweet mooncake being sold in the market.

Last year, my in laws bought the battery operated tang lung for Smellybutt....and it's the same for this year.

She got to choose 1 out of the 4 design which my in laws bought last week. She really had a hard time to choose 1 =) When all the 4 tang lung being switched on, the house was so noisy. My MIL gotto raised her voice while asking her to choose 1 "QQ you choose lah, ooi pin jek?", she needs to beat those loud music from the tang lung. Hehe.

After much consideration, she has chosen the sheep on aeroplane design. And HubB bought her the traditional easy-to-be-burn-out tang lung too :P This year, we plan to bring her walk around the neighborhood carrying her tang lung. Can't recall back why we didn't do so last year. Too much time spent on lighting up the colorful candles I guess. She's very obsessed with candles, all the time!

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