09 September, 2010

Smellybutt appeared in Senyum Magazine!

All thanks to my ex-schoolmate, YK for asking me to join this Senyum Photo Contest organized by Senyum Magazine back in July 2010. We may send in as many photo as we like, with the condition that the person in the photo has to be smiling! And location has to be in Malaysia.

I have forgotten how many photos that I have submitted, really lost count. Hahaha kiasu ma, send more means will get more chance to win something :P I get to choose the prize prior to my online submission. There are some electrical goods, free stay at selected local resort and some meal voucher to be chosen from. Grand prize is 1x Nikon camera, that one I can't choose lah :P So I've mainly selected those electrical goods and free stay at the resort as the 1st and 2nd choice. Meal voucher was my last choice.

Here's Smellybutt's photo being featured in the magazine =) I thought that those pemenang saguhati will not be featured tim. Hehehe. Although I only get to win a Japanese Restaurant meal voucher (honestly, Japanese food is not my cup of tea!) I am still very happy to see her appeared in the magazine. I can now start to dream on again, being a "sing ma" :P

Also, upon collection of my prize, I will be given a copy of the magazine, FOC!

My mini superstar clad in a pair of CNY costume with her evergreen cheeky smile!
* she wore this to her pre-school for the costume wear day =)

Close up picture :

Gong Xi Fa Chai
"My smile is worth a thousand! Ang Pow please!!"

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