29 September, 2010

Feel so heavy down there

I'm into 31 week now. Tummy is getting bigger and bigger, and as of today it measures 98cm. Lately I feel there's some pressure at the bottom of my tummy. Feels like Lil BB is pushing herself downward. Got such thing ka?

Whenever I laugh too much, I feel like Lil BB is coming out!! Seriously, that kind of feeling really scare me off. I can feel something down there, pushing out +_+ And if I sit on hard surface, say on the floor, for too long, the moment I got up I will have the same feeling too. I don't dare to squad down either ;( Worst case is when I have no choice but to use the toilet without the toilet seat. You know, those need to squad down one...so horrible leh.

It's already end of September....the clock seems to be ticking too fast! My expected due date is on 1st December. Sometimes I will imagine myself in the labor room already, thinking whether the same history will take place or not :P

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