25 November, 2010

Confuse with all the signs....

Today is my 2nd day at home, monitoring myself for the labour signs. I tell ya....it's so hard actually! Yesterday, I have some brownish discharge cum little bit of bleeding. But no pain at all. This morning around 9.30am, also have very minor bleeding, and my tummy did "squeezed up" accompanied by some little pain almost every 8-12min. That only lasted for an hour. After that, apa pun tarak. Just feel the usual baby's movement from time to time.

When I had the pain/contraction feeling this morning, I really can't differentiate whether it was the REAL contraction pain or was it just a sign to go pangsai :P To verify it, I went to the toilet and in the end, nothing happen. Hahahaha. HubB seemed to be more kan jeong than me, as he kept asking me "got pain or not?? want to go see doc or not?? want ar??" Aiseh....I'm still pretty steady, and now he made me kan joeng liao. I really want everything to go naturally....no intention to induce myself although I had been told that 27th Nov 2010, Saturday, is not an auspicious day for me to give birth. With my "super luck" of getting GBS infection (rather than hitting the jackpot from ToTo/Magnum/Da Ma Chai!!!) I want to follow Dr. Tan's advice, i.e. to just continue with my antibiotic and watch out for labour signs. If I still can't deliver yet after I've completed my 6 days antibiotic course, then Dr. Tan will induce me for labour. Ok set!!


Haruki said...

Take good care of yourself and good luck. I always find that phrase funny, when I was going on maternity and telling all my clients so, they always say: "Good luck!" Not sure what is the best phrase to say to someone who's gonna give birth.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thanks, Haruki! I had a smooth and short pain delivery!! Good luck plays a big role =) no luck = more pain :P


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