24 January, 2011

Back to work with my gadgets

I'm soooo sleepy while typing this +_+ and the office is so cold! Nice to hibernate under the blanket now :P

I had my post-natal check up last Saturday, did my pap-smear and everything was fine with me. As I stood on the weighing machine......jeng jeng jeng.....I'm now weighing at 42.5kg, and that means I'm heavier than my pre-natal weight! Hahahaha. I used to be 40kg only :) I know the extra 2.5kg will disappear in no time +_+ But I hope not lah....coz I really need some extra kgs desperately!!

Today is my back to work day. I'm fully equipped with my below gadgets, which I used to carry them up and down 5x a week 3 years ago. Except the breast pump lah, coz last time I used Madela Mini-E breast pump so it was less bulky.

I've tucked in 2pcs of Techni Ice cold pack and 1pc of MLO's cold pack to keep my stock cooling till I reach home.

After each pump session, I store my breast shields in a zip lock back and keep it inside my cooler bag. This saves me lots of time from going to the toilet to rinse my breast shields after each session. By keeping them cold with some BM stains on the shields, I may re-use the shields for my next session without rinsing. The cold condition will prevent from bacteria growing.

This morning, my pre-planned feeding schedule seemed to work well. Here's what I did, in order not to kacau my mom from waking up too early to feed YY before I leave the house.

(23rd Jan, Sunday)
9.00pm : Breastfed YY and  then put her to bed
9.45pm : She already ZzzzZzzz

(24th Jan, Monday)
2.30am : I woke up to check on her. She still sleep soundly
3.20am : Showed sign of hunger. Fed her 3.5oz of EBM, changed her diaper then proceed to pump BM
4.30am : Washed breast shields, label and then refrigerate my EBM, then I went back to sleep
5.40am : Alarm clock rang. Washed up and changed myself.
6.05am : Fed YY 3.5oz of EBM and then changed her diaper
6.25am : Left house for work

With the last feeding at 6.05am, this enable my mom to send QQ to her pre-school at 7.30am and thereafter can even drop by the market for a while. YY's next feeding time was at 8.45am. Tomorrow morning during the wee hour feeding, I will breast feed her instead and will see whether the same feeding pattern jalan or not.

Wanna catch my afternoon nap now before continue my work.....


t3ngt3ng said...

Your schedule is busier than a PM!! Somemore you got so many 'ka chang' to bring up and down everyday.. Pui fuk pui fuk

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hahahaha...my pressure to wake up @ midnite, but a pleasure to work with my ka chang :)

Chinneeq said...

eh, u have to leave home so early one ah?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ya..to beat the traffic and get my fav parking spot! :P if in sg long, i have to leave even earlier, by 6.15am! @_@

LittleLamb said...

oh u r very hard working to pump in office. all the best...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hehe Thx!

Haruki said...

Wow, great! Keep it up and gambatte!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thx Haruki! =)

eyna said...

gulp!! only left 42 kgs?? wahhhhhhhh amoiiiiiiiiii i still gumuks laa mcm tuuuuuu...

ker u skip your meal??
i masih 52kg.. everytime timbang berdebar2... haha takmo kurusssssss :D

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

apa skip meal?? i pantang skip meal ok! =) tu lah pasal...left with 42.5kg je now, soooo dissapointed! u best lah, ada lagi 52kg, so envy u!
haaihh..only we the kurus kering champion understand the pain feeling of loosing all the kgs ;( sooobb!!!


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