28 January, 2011

Nen nen issue :P

Yesterday, my mom told me something real funny about nen nen. Here's the conversation between QQ and my mom.

YY was a bit cranky coz she was looking for me. My nen nen, to be more precise =) So when my mom was carrying her, YY turned to her breast and tried to suck. Hahahaha. QQ saw it too, and here's what she said.

QQ    : Popo, mei mei wants nen nen ar?
Popo : Ya lah. (while looking at YY) Mei mei, I don't have nen nen, you wait for your mommy come back from work ok.
QQ   : Popo, you got nen nen ma!!
Popo : I got nen nen? LOL!! But not for mei mei. You also have, why not you give yours to mei mei?
QQ   : I don't have nen nen lah. You don't believe? (while lifting up her shirt) You see, where got nen nen? 

She even said that while stroking her flat chest!! Hahahaha!! So she was trying to say that she doesn't have bulging boobies yet, but Popo and I have! :P

In a way, QQ understands pretty well about the function of nen nen, to sooth her crying mei mei =)


Caca said...

ha ha. Have a prosperous year ahead.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

same to U :) Gong Xi Gog Xi


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