08 January, 2011

YY fullmoon already

This is a very belated post, as YY already celebrated her full moon on 24th December 2010. No time to update my blog as I've to handle YY and QQ more. 

Sister full year, YY full moon :)
My sister and dad came over to my place on that day. It was also my sis's birthday! As mentioned earlier, I had ordered an ice-cream birthday cake for the 2 stars, my all time favorite Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake. This round, I wanted to try the combination of ice-cream and brownie. Rabbit design was the chosen 1, coz sister was born in the year of rabbit. Design wise, boleh tahan lah. But the taste was superb! The brownie was  not too sweet, in fact it tasted a bit salty. So it was just nice to eat together with the chocolate flavor ice-cream. Minus the smudges on the rabbit's face, still a thumbs up from all of us. What surprised me was the rabbit's ears. Once I scrap off the icing on the ears, only then to realize those were the spoon's handle. Hahaha, creative lah.

QQ was the 1 who got excited the most. She had been eyeing on the cake from noon till night, kept asking "when are we going to cut the rabbit cake?", "kam loi keh", "when want to blow candle ar". We behtahan her also, very very long winded. So soon after we had our dinner, cake cutting ceremony began.

Though it was just a simple celebration at home, we still enjoyed ourselves very very much! Unfortunately, HubB wasn't around that time coz he was travelling for his job.

Again, Happy Full Moon to my dear YY!!

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