08 January, 2011

QQ's new booster seat cum back pack

QQ has outgrown her current car seat, so she needs a booster seat as replacement. But that's not really the main reason for me to get her a booster seat. Now I have 2 kids already. If I get another giant car seat for YY, it'll be too pack at the passenger seats with me kena sandwich in between. This is not fun for me, especially when we gotto travel back to Ipoh.  Thus I've planned to let YY use QQ's car seat, as it is still very very new and the seats can be recline for newborn too. 

I've been looking around for QQ a booster seat, but those that I saw in the mall is quite low. Low in the sense that when QQ seats on it, she's still not ngam to use the adult safety belt (thanks to my XS size gene running in her blood) Last week, as I was browsing the baby online stores, I found this! A booster seat cum back pack by Trunki. This booster seat level is definitely higher than those normal one. Bought it from www.thebabyloft.com

Back view
Front view

Unzip the bag and here's how it looks like inside. Quite spacious also.

Overturn the bag to transform into a booster seat

Lift up the side handles and it's almost ready to use. There's a seat belt adjuster on it too, so that your child won't be irritated by the adult seat belt while being strap on. 

I'm happy with it, so does QQ :) Will get her a neck support pillow so that she sleeps better in car. I can even  let her use it if we travel by air plane and don't really need to rely on those dirty rusty high chair when go makan makan outside. 

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