08 January, 2011

She's asking me those question already

Ms Question Air

QQ is 3yr 3mth old now. She has always been very curious on every single thing so we often get lots of question - what when why who where from her.

Ever since I gave birth to YY, she has been asking where is my big tummy? mei mei come out already lah? But now she prompted me further with this :

QQ: mami, mei mei come out already la?
Me: yes. U came to visit us in hospital, remember? and now u see her daily rite?
QQ: mei mei dim yeong choot lei keh?? (how did mei mei come out??)
Me: sang choot lei lor (thru giving birth)
QQ: dim meong sang keh? (how to give birth??)

Me : (eyes rolling...trying to get some answer from the ceiling)

QQ : mami..dim meong keh? haa?? dim meong sang keh?? mami....

Me : kam meong sang lah! Let's sleep!!

Haiihh....baru 3yr old, so fast wanna learn alam dan manusia?? +_+ Sooner later, she's gonna ask me the million dollar question - where did mei mei come from (",) 

Here's another funny episode from her, yesterday night.

Me: QQ you sayang mei mei?
QQ: sayang!
Me: good. must sayang ok. can give away mei mei to other people or not?
QQ: cannot!
Me: if give away how?
QQ: (without much hesitation) lei zhoi sang dor yat kor la!! ~ you give birth to another 1 la!!

+_+ I'm not a pig, and I don't look like a pig. What makes you think that I can give birth like a pig?


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