22 January, 2011

No more honeymoon

Watching both of them grow...I wish!

 I can't believe it, that my maternity leave has ended. 2 months have passed with blink of eyes. Not enough lah with 2 months of maternity leave :P Even Bangladesh is offering 6 months of maternity leave for the mommies!! Unbelievable huh. I'm soooo lazy to be back to work on Monday +_+ But honestly, to get back to work will actually give me more time and freedom as compare to stay at home taking care of my 2 kids. Though very tiring, I still prefer the latter. 2 simple reasons - wanna reduce parents burden and to watch YY grows! Parents are old de....taking care 2 active kids are tiring for them.  YY also an active baby? Yes. Sometimes, she sleeps so soundly round the clock. But there are time where she will be wide awake from 8am till 3pm. When that happens, I can't sit quietly coz she doesn't want to be on the sofa quietly! She'll starts to make some noises first. If I continue to ignore her, there comes her crocodile tears. And the moment I carry her up, sit on sofa and continue with my TV show, her alarm will trigger again. I have to carry her while standing up, and with that she'll be steady, quiet, and happy!! She just loves to stare at the ceiling fan. Maybe she wants to get a close look at it, that's why she makes me to stand up while carrying her. Panai ar...

Some ask me, why not get a nanny to take care of them? NO.  None of us like this idea.  My mom said that even though it's a bit tiring for her, but she ng seh tak to put her grandchildren under other people's care. Too many bad news about child abuse and even death records under nanny's care. So to retain kids in own home sweet home under my parents' supervision, all I can do is to help out as much as I can. How? Again, the role of being a SAHM starts to linger on my mind.  I've been considering this repeatedly, even before I was pregnant with YY. Now with 2 kids already, the more I need to make up my mind. But before I quit my job, I want to have a part time work or work from home, so that I can have some own pocket money. At least I have some little bit of own savings for the rainy day. To be a SAHM with HubB as the sole bread winner, don't think it's a good idea in long run. Kids are growing up and cost of living is getting higher nowadays. Have to consider about food, all sorts of bills, school fees, college/Uni fees.....haiih....really not easy to be parents.

The good news is, I might have a chance to work 1/2 day in a different field. Of course this 1/2 day work will not promise me much benefits (medical claim, luxurious annual leave, time off) but at least I have more time for my kids.  Gotto "lai seong bou har" a bit.  Things are not firm yet, waiting for the boss to work out her new biz plan first. So for the time being, I'll continue with my current job lah. Most importantly is to claim my delivery allowance (RM2,500), certainly not to be missed! And also to claim as much as I can for all the jabs which YY gonna take soon. 


Haruki said...

Hi there,
Since you still have to work, do make the most of it by keeping a positive mindset and enjoying it. I certainly know how you feel, I also sometimes think of retiring one day, soon!
BTW, you have such a good job perk in that delivery allowance. Have a bright start at work tomorrow!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Haruki...I hope can maintain positive mindset in working place, but co is not doing well (in fact quite bad! +_+) so my 1/2 day job is my backup plan too :) yeah, i love the delivery allowance! but most likely not gonna claim it anymore, got it? :P


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