14 February, 2011

CNY @ Ipoh

This year, we went back to Ipoh a day before the CNY eve. We departed at 5am to avoid the massive traffic jam on highway. Luckily not many cars on the road =) so we reached Ipoh around 7.15am. We had a smooth journey all the way. When I carried YY into our car, she almost woke up so I quickly breastfed her and she was back to slumber very fast =) I put her into her car seat and she slept all the way to Ipoh, same to QQ too. 

Reunion dinner was done at home, as MIL cooked for all of us. It would be quite messy if we were to eat out. Both my SIL's baby and YY were still very young thus to handle 4 kiddos in a restaurant seemed to be quite handful lah. 

At night, QQ refused to sleep with her daddy next door, she insisted to squeeze in our queen size bed with me and YY. Adui, I had a hard time to rearrange the sleeping position for 3 of us. I was like solving jigsaw puzzle on bed. QQ doesn't really sleep quietly on 1 position throughout the night. She will surely turn her body 360 degree. What I worry most was her "mou ying geok" shadow legs. The moment she turn a bit and spread her leg to another side, YY will be roti canai liao...kena lanyak by her sister. The very first night, I let her sleep on bed first. As soon as she was in deep sleep, I get HubB to carry her down to the tilam on the floor :P Did it really quietly and slowly. The next morning, she woke up and looked up to bed with a smile on her face, greeting me Good Morning Mami!! Then, she looked at herself on the tilam, and started to ask me "eh, why I sleep here keh?". Hahahaha I thought she didn't realized it :P I just bluff thru saying that there was mosquito so I carried her down to tilam, so that she won't get bitten :P Well...she bought my idea! 

The second night, I didn't want to let her sleep on tilam coz  there would be massive fireworks  going on when the clock strikes 12. So I slept in the middle with QQ on my left and YY on my right. But these 2 fella couldn't be bothered at all by the loud noises out there. The dark sky was so colorful, with lots of fireworks in the air! They continued to ZzzZzzZzz.....Good, good.

We headed back to KL on Chor 3 (Day 3 of CNY) after breakfast. Again, the traffic was smooth, and weather was great too.

Here are some of the shots taken before and during CNY in QQ's pre-school and in Ipoh.

Hand-in-hand with her classmate, Belle. Belle's mommy used to be my classmate in college too =)

Buddy buddy with her cousin TT.

Also buddy buddy with another cousin sista, MM.

See....both of her cousins are so much BIGGER than her physically :P Both her cousins are just a year younger than her, but it looks the other way round rite?!

Me and my 2 yellow lil huat huat girls + MM

Happy Family! =)                              


t3ngt3ng said...

Makcik I want to ask hor.. long long time ago u used which Bridal Shop ar? :P

Got any softcopy photos to see ar?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ooo...now i know what's ur big plan for this year =)Looking forward to it!! Once upon a time, i used Picasa Bridal Shop @ Sunway Pyramid. All i can say is L.O.U.S.Y service :) wanna see my photo ka...i dig out first, wed/thur kasi u intai.

Kit said...

Hi I wouldn't worry about your girls' size. They may shoot up later on! I was really tall when I was a girl but now, I'm soooooo short compared to my classmates LOL

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi Kit! Thx for dropping by =)


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