23 February, 2011

Ms Chatterbox

QQ is in year 4 class this year, although she's only 3yr 4mth old now.  I always feel that a year end baby  benefits a lot in academic coz  in QQ's case, she gets to learn year 3 stuff when she was only 2yr old , same for this year too. This is the first academic feedback from Teacher Nel, written in QQ's message book. I was so happy to read the first few lines, coz she got all the praises from her teacher for being able to catch up with her lesson very well. Yeah, QQ is indeed a fast learner =) 

BUT....check out the last line of the message -------"sometimes she is TALKATIVE in the classroom".

Does this really work? Fast learner = good memory skill = talkative?? :P

I had a word with Teacher Nel about this, to find out more how my lil rascal can be so talkative in the classroom. Teacher Nel said, "I've moved her seat from middle to front row. And yet she dares to talk while I'm teaching. Other pupils already kept quiet, but QQ still happily chatting with her buddy, XR". But luckily that QQ speaks English with XR. At least there's a good point out of this bad behaviour :P Last time, she used to speak in Cantonese with her classmates.

When I asked her did she talk to XR while teacher is teaching, at first she denied it. When asked her again for the 3rd time, she admitted with a broad smile on her face. Instead of nagging her, I told her that if she continues to talk while teacher is teaching, other pupils will learn more than you. And you won't get to learn as much as your classmates. I asked her "do you want to be left behind, where all your classmates can answer teacher's question except you, coz you were talking and not listening to the teacher". QQ replied "I don't want....". Well that's her default answer most of the time. She'll say it with her sad looking face. Nah...she's not that sad actually. In less than 3 seconds, she is back to her chirpy joker face =)

Anyway, I've gotto confess this.....that I am also a talkative person. VERY talkative :P But I don't talk while teacher is teaching =) I  actually love to talk and laugh a lot. Sounds like a soh-poh ha? And when I was back to work from my 2mths maternity leave, my colleagues said this to me "when you are not here ar, the office is like dying, soooo quiet". I'm an amplifier is it? Maybe a woofer cum tweeter, I guess :P


LittleLamb said...

ahhahahaha like mother, like daughter lor

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

yeah yeah....gene punya pasal :P


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