28 February, 2011

Happy 3mth old to YY

YY is exactly 3mth old on 25th February 2011. Happy!! Here's her milestone achievement so far, from birth to-date.

3week old ~ her neck is quite strong, as she had attempted to lift up her head many times, whenever we carried her in cradle position.

1mth old ~ a good poser! YY smiles a lot, very much more than QQ's baby time. So I can always capture her cheeky smiles easily. 

Newborn ~ 3weeks old

@ 2.5mth old
@ 2.5mth old

1.5mth old ~ she already started to giggle, and even laugh out loud many times! Lately, we discovered that she can't stand the itch of being tickle behind her ears and armpits =) Whenever we do that, she'll definitely be laughing. She loves people chatting with her. Each time we talk rubbish to her, she will respond by cooing a lot. Sometimes she's a bit long winded, and ended up membebel non stop. Though we don't understand her language, we just say "yes ar?? Oooh yes meh?? Hai yar?? Hai meh??" Lol!! Her neck is getting stronger as well.

2mth old ~ reaching out her hand to grab toys which we hold in front of her. Popo started to put her on potty, and she seems to be quite cooperative and enjoy herself on it most of the time. Very seldom to find her nappy kena stained or soiled, so lesser washing involve - on both nappy and her lil bouncy buttocks :P

I strongly feel that introducing potty to a baby at early stage will help a lot in potty training journey. My mom  put QQ on potty when she was 1mth old, and by 1.5yr old, she already fully potty trained for day time. She only wears cloth diaper during her nap and night time. Will blog further about it separately. Start early, and that really save us lots of trouble and headache too. This is also 1 of the benefit for having own parent as baby's care taker. I'm lucky to have my parent's help to take care of my 2 gals =) 

3mth 4days old (as of today) ~ over the weekend, she showed us her new stunt i.e. turning her body to the side way. Now we've gotto be more careful with her, and always surround her body with pillow/cushion while lying on the sofa, in case she makes a big flip and the next thing we know....she might end up on the floor head down.
@ 3mth old
When I don't smile....

In 4 days time (4th March, 2011), YY will be 100days old and we will celebrate it with a BIG steamed chicken drumstick for her (to lick only)! That's to initiate her "hoi zhai" day, one of the Chinese tradition lah. I don't know, just follow as what MIL has asked us to prepare for this earlier. QQ had this too, last time. 


t3ngt3ng said...

Got this 'Hoi zhai' tradition wan ar? Faster share about potty train lar.. I always wonder how to do that. What if they don't pee/poo while on potty? Have to keep waiting?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Waaa are u giving birth tomorrow?? :P So keen to find out keh!

Best to start during baby time lor, just be patient, put bb on potty and say Ngggg Nggggggggg x 100 :P first few times bb will protest lah and when that happen don't force bb, just stop(forcing no happiness). But continue to do it everyday, and after a few times on potty, bb will get used to it (at least for QQ and YY lah, other bb i dunno ar). When she's done or if really no output at all, she'll make noises and her shadow legs will start kicking till the potty almost terbalik! Just watch her sign lah, you'll know 1 =) When she bengang oredi, stop it lor. This way, we can slowly fixed her "biz" hour. Else bb will berak suka hati dia =) then ma more work lor. got it? =)

Haruki said...

Baby YY is so adorable with all her smiles.
BTW I've never heard of this hoi zhai day.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Haruki, I'm not sure whether the hoi zhai tradition is only for Hakka ppl =)hehehe my in laws are Hakka. I've never heard of this from any of my friends who had kids too :P


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