16 February, 2011

Extra frozen EBM stock give away

2 weeks ago, after I came back from Ipoh for CNY, I have done something which I felt really bad. Mom's freezer is full of my frozen EBM again and I can't sumbat anymore frozen EBM into Teacher Nel's freezer too as hers also fully occupied by my stocks as well. I had thawed more than 25 bottles of frozen EBM  (each bottle 4-5oz) and all went into the drain ;( Before I decided to do this, I've thought of donating them to the needy babies. But I was asking myself, if other mommy offer me their EBM, am I willing to accept it? Honestly, I'll be in dilemma then. Somehow I just find it a bit weird to feed my baby with EBM from an unknown mommy. My concern focus on the cleanliness and worry on the risk of disease/contamination . BUT if I feed baby with formula milk, then it will be like feeding my baby with cow's milk from soooo many unknown cows too! LOL!! I don't have short supply of BM for my baby so let's not crack my head to think whether I can accept or reject other mommy's BM or not lah. All I know is, donating breast milk is just like donating blood to the hospitals/blood banks. No harm doing so.

Even after throwing away so much of my precious EBM, I still need more space. But I was very very reluctant to do it again (throwing away my milk), as it will be such a big waste. So I've decided to just try my luck to offer my frozen EBM stocks to public by posting it at The Breastfeeding Advocates Network page in Facebook. I was thinking there might be some mommies out there who can't meet their baby's demand but only wish to feed baby with breast milk and not to supplement with formula milk. 2 days after my posting on that page, there were 3 mommies responded to my post! Wow!! I was surprised and very happy reading mommies who have feedback that they need my stock. I quickly PM them my mom's add and my mobile no so that we can arrange for collection soonest possible. 

Out of the 3 mommies who had responded to my post, I was only able to keep in touch with 2 as the other one was actually responding on behalf of her friend. From there on, I've discovered something greater. 

 JC was the first to accept my offer. Due to logistic problem, she has asked her brother, KC to collect on behalf. But after discussing with JC via email, apparently KC also needs some of my stocks too. Both of their baby boys are of same age i.e. 3mth old now and the 2 babies are sharing the same date of birth too! How cool is that, bro and sister's son both same DOB =) JC's problem is her baby boy eats more than what she can supply, whereas KC's wife is on a long term medication which makes her unable to feed her baby with her own BM. FYI, the wife has to take steroid, so baby can't be fed with mommy's BM =( I am very glad and happy that KC supports BF very much. Although his wife is not able to do so, he's searching high and low for BM stocks for his son. According to KC, his baby boy was only weighing at 1.8kg at birth, so baby was very much underweight. Just a few days before our meet up, I stumbled upon my ex-college mate's photo in my Facebook. And to my surprised, in my that friend's picture I saw a lady who was seated next to her carrying a baby was tagged with the name JC. Both of them sharing the same surname. Uhhh Oohh....as I investigate further (try to be Agent Scully konon :P) JC and my friend must be sibling. I quickly PM JC about that picture and BINGO! JC is indeed my friend's younger sister!! The world is really really small lah. So now I'm actually supplying my EBM to her nephews. With that, I've become the babies' "nai-ma", ibu susu :P I've given KC a total of 24 bottles of frozen EBM. And BTW, as I'm typing this, KC sms me that his son has no problem taking my EBM =) He has kept aside 12 bottles for JC so he will only use the other half for his son.

Another mommy whom I met yesterday is actually staying very near to my own house in Kajang. But since my stocks are in Kepong, her husband drove all the way to Kepong to collect my stock. I have given her 30++ bags of frozen EBM, ranging from 6-10oz per bag.  Her job requires her to travel quiet often thus not able to have sufficient BM supply to her baby son as needed. 

Now both freezer units are pretty spacious already, leaving behind mid-end Jan 2011 stocks, and now I can start to pump more frequent to fill in the blank :P But I've been sick for almost 2 weeks, currently coughing very badly. So my BM supply has dropped a bit. As long as I continue to nurse YY more and pump every 3hr in the office, hopefully I will be back on track soon.  Also I have not been giving YY any frozen EBM ever since she has those mucus/phlegm in her throat (or lung?? not sure) since last week. She needs more nutrient and antibody to fight against the infection, so I only let her drink fresh EBM. At the same time kinda worry also,  once she has recovered I'll start thawing frozen EBM for her and she might reject the frozen EBM taste after enjoying the fresh milk for so long. Hope not. 

If you are a breastfeeding mom, do join this  and this page on Facebook. There are lots of stories and info shared among the mothers regarding breastfeeding. Eats on Feets Malaysia is a dedicated page meant for mommies who want to share her EBM with others. For those who are looking for BM  offer may also check out that page as they have a list of donors too. I get a message from a lady who's managing this page in Facebook, asking me to post my offer on Eats on Feets' wall. She saw my post in The Breastfeeding Advocates Network =)

Happy Breastfeeding to all gorgeous moo moo mommies!!


LittleLamb said...

You did one of the best thing.. to offer to those who are in need..especially mother nature stuff... God will bless you in return.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

^_^ Thx LittleLamb!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, how come you have SOOOO much milk eh? What do you eat everyday??

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hahaha I'm a periuk nasi, "fan thong" so I eat rice the most :P

Ikin said...

great story! i,ve never thought about sharing ebm with others (non-relatives).

Chinneeq said...

obviously everything came out from you and you are back to your weight so quickly. How nice if my boys were born at the same time, sigh....was so lacking of milk to feed them both during then.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ya la, all fats pass to bb =)


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