06 February, 2011

Mucus mucus go away

2 days ago when we were still in Ipoh for CNY, YY's nose was blocked. I can hear some wheezing sound from her when she had a deep breath ;( Then she started to sneeze a few times too. Cham....looks like she has caught some flu. Must be due to the air-cond in our bedroom. She didn't have running nose, so whenever she sneezes only the mucus will be out from her nostril. She is still active and happy as usual, thus it's not a very serious case though. 

Yesterday, as soon as we reached KL, HubB and I brought her to the clinic. I was very hesitate though, coz she's still very young and I would prefer to refer her to a Pediatrician. Unfortunately, Dr. Tan's clinic was closed for CNY and only reopen on Monday. We worry that YY's condition might get worst so we brought her to the nearby clinic. Upon checking her body temperature, the doctor told me that YY had fever and the thermometer reading was 38 degree!! @_@ I couldn't believe it coz I've been checking her forehead with my hand many times and I don't feel any extra warm on her. The doctor has prescribed her 3 medication : flu, fever and antibiotic. Oh dear, I felt so bad coz YY is only 2mth old and she has to take antibiotic +_+ The doctor even asked me to cover YY's head with a hat, reason being that she had fever. Huh?? Fever = must wear hat? Have you heard of this before? 

When we reached home, I quickly measured her temperature with my thermometer (Microlife brand). I did it 5x and the reading was 37 degree!! Meaning NO FEVER!! What went wrong leh? How come the doctor's thermometer showed 38 degree whereas mine was 37 degree? 38 degree is consider very high for a small baby. Anyhow, HubB and I decided not to feed YY with fever and antibiotic medicine and only let her have the flu syrup. On the same night, YY seemed to sleep well. She was not bothered by the mucus which stucked deep inside her nostril. I did try to suck out the mucus from her nose, but after a few attempts I still couldn't get a single drop of mucus. Suan ler ba....

Tomorrow, we will still bring YY to see Dr. Tan. We will be much relief with a Pediatric's advise =) 

I hope YY will have speedy recovery as I really don't like feeding her ubat. When QQ was a baby, she didn't fall sick at all for the first 1.5year of her life. 

Wishing everyone good health and Gong Xi Fa Chai!! 


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