09 February, 2011

Our Huattchew CNY

This CNY is not a very pleasant one for the 4 Heavenly Queen - Popo, YY, QQ, me :P 

Just before CNY, we all shout "Flood ar!!". Then during CNY when we "lou sang" with family we shout "Huat ar!!". Finally the 4 of us now say " Huatttchew!!" +_+

The first victim was YY, as she started to have blocking nose on Chor 2 (day 2 of CNY ) while in Ipoh. QQ and I caught flu when we were back from Ipoh last Saturday (Chor 3), and finally my mom also had flu and cough since Chor 1!!. Besides collecting ang pao with $$ inside, the latest collection for QQ, YY and I are the below - bags of ubat!

Here's some update on YY's condition. On Monday, we brought her to see Dr. Tan. To our surprise, the clinic was full house! As I registered YY's name, she was patient no. 71 and at that point of time, Dr Tan was with patient no 34 @_@ We purposely went there at 12.30pm (clinic will close at 1pm) hoping that there would be lesser patient hence waiting time can be shorten. Unfortunately, still have to wait 2hours there. Luckily YY was quite Ok there and while waiting for her turn, I've breastfed her twice too. Most of the kids had cough, flu and fever. Weather is bad plus all the irresistible cookies and dried meat, these are the culprits I believe. 

Dr. Tan has informed that YY had lots of mucus and phlegm deep down her throat and lung. I told him about the flu medicine which I get from the normal clinic. He said that a small baby shouldn't be taking flu syrup as it is too strong for a young baby. Thus Dr. Tan prescribed her phlegm/mucus medicine as this is not as strong as the flu medicine,` and a bottle of sea water solution spray. It's 100% natural and it helps to clean baby's nostril. Furthermore, YY only needs to take 1ml of the phlegm syrup. The flu medicine which the other doctor prescribed, the indicated dosage was higher i.e. 1.5ml *_* I personally felt that 1.5ml was way too much for a young baby, thus I only gave her 1ml. Dr. Tan will determine the medicine dosage base on the child's age and weight. Whereas the normal doctor didn't weigh YY at all when we met him that day. Sigh.....moral of the story is if baby is sick but not too serious, best not to refer to normal doctor. If can wait, just go straight to the Pediatrician lah. 

Despite to the nose block, YY is still very active and happy as usual. Phew... at least she still smiles and coos a lot to us, so this is a good sign =) Please get well soon my dear baby. I really feel terribly sorry each time I need to feed you ubat ;( 

Oh btw, although I had super bad running nose yesterday, I still breastfed YY as usual. My antibody will be transferred to YY thru my BM. Hopefully it helps to speed up the recovery process lah. 

Get well soon YY!!


LittleLamb said...

get well soon.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thx LittleLamb!

Health Freak Mommy said...

For phlegm/mucous, do try Ventolin administered thru the Aerochamber. This is similar to the one kids inhale from the huge machine in the clinic/ hospital. I hv never once fed Baby C with flu / cold meds. I used sea salt, the pump to suck out goo from the nostrils and Ventolin administered thru Aerochamber. Do ask your paed if Ventolin is ok for babies. Now that she's above 2yo, I gv her Esberitox at the onset of a cold. It is very, very effective in preventing a cold / runny nose.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thx for sharing Shireen! My Pead has yet to recommend YY to take Ventolin, just stick to the phlegm syrup first wor. It's been a week, and shows some slight improvement only by taking that phlegm syprup ;(


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