16 August, 2010

Drooling over Baskin-Robbins

Ok...I've officially scrapped off the idea of getting jelly birthday cake for Smellybutt this year. Since she loves ice cream a.k.a. ajim so much, why not get her an ice cream cake instead! I bet she'll love it more than the jelly melly :P And Baskin-Robbins birthday cake is the chosen one!

This year celebration will be the same as previous years lah, where Smellybutt and Dun Dun (my dad) will celebrate their birthday together-gether. Both Octoberian's birth date is just 4 days apart only.

Price wise, I can say affordable lah. A jelly birthday cake also will cost more than RM100 what, better get an ice cream cake. A Baskin-Robbins cake for 16-24 serving will only cost about RM172++. We're gonna have 2 celebrities of the month with 1 cake, so worth paying! Here's my pick.

* Below picture downloaded from Baskin-Robbins website

Maybe I'll choose the 2nd design where I can add on a mini tag on each clown with their names on it. 1 clowny represents Dun Dun, another represents Smellybutt. Happy!!! But wait....if I choose the 1st design, I can even tag each cone for all of us - Popo, Dun Dun, Smellybutt, Mami, Baba and Ah Yi!!! Gotto sacrifice kao-fu :( Ok Ok let me ask BR if they can add 1 more cone on top of the cake so that kao-fu will not be left out. I'm sure he'll fly back from Singapore for the 2 Yg Berbahagia's celebration.

I'll start inquiring BR right away!


Unknown said...

you can add as many cone as you like, because the cone is sell separately with the cake.. the cone charge RM xx each... from BR, kakaka

LittleLamb said...

very geng. planning ahead. i like.
i will be last minute type

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

BR just confirmed to me that those ice cream cones are included for that design! yippy!


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