12 August, 2010

My 6th month pregnancy check up

3 days ago, I went for my routine monthly check up. I'm now into 6th month pregnancy already. Lil BB's weight has doubled up, from 258gm (last month) to 518gm as of 9th August 2010. But for myself, I've only gained 1.3kg within a month. Now I'm weighing at 44.9kg. Dr. Tan said that wasn't too bad though, at least got some increment for myself lah :) Seriously, I don't really feel like eating round the clock. Hunger never strike as often before. So that explain why I have such slow weight gain.

During the scan, Dr. Tan did mentioned that Lil BB's size was a bit small, but not a problem. Seems like Lil BB inherited my XS size gene too ^_^ I can feel Lil BB's side kick quite a lot lately. According to Dr. Tan, I only need to start monitoring her daily movement when I've reached 28th month. And again, memang confirm lah, STILL a baby girl. Haha. I'm happy as long as Lil BB is fine and healthy.

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