12 August, 2010

Kof kOf and KOFFF!!!

And sometimes gotto kaahthuikkk some thick slimy stubborn salty phlegm out too. So, it wasn't really a pleasant Penang trip for me this round. From last Friday until Sunday, my phlegm was greenish, thick and it seemed to be endless after each struggle to spit it out from my poor infected lung. Initially it was just a plain dry cough, but with bad sore throat. Doctor wanted to prescribe me with a 5 day dose of antibiotic. I rejected. Unfortunately, by nite time, the ugly phlegm came knocking the door... I mean my lung. So throughout my Penang trip, I didn't get a single sip of icy cool drink for the oven hot weather. I avoided all sweety sweet food, inclusive my top favourite Aki Pancake! Besides the cough syrup (meant for dry cough only) I kept taking more Lingzhi capsule for that 3 days in Penang. By Monday, my phlegm has reduced tremendously and it wasn't greenish anymore. It turned as crystal clear phlegm (nothing to be proud of anyway :P)

Though phlegm has subsided a lot but the stubborn cough stays stubborn. I still cough like mad (until my lung almost fell off!!) and it would last for 10min, then only I could spit out a very small amount of clear phlegm. Cough too hard to the extend that I will even terkencing too! Yerr...that was really really uncomfortable for me. But I really can't control it. I drink lots of water + big tummy = bladder kena compressed = terkencing a bit!! Gotto change my panty liner very often, and even asked for more pieces from my SIL too ;( This is really the worst cough I've ever had. I loose my voice for 3 days too.If not due my pregnancy, I would have taken Mucoslovan pill, the fast and effective way to get rid of my phlegm.

I have not been sleeping well for the past 3 days. The moment I lye down on bed, I'll start to KoFkOFkofKOFFF non stop. I can't sit or sleep under the fan and air cond. So where should I hide actually?? +_+ It's killing me softly.....

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