05 August, 2010

Our eat-all-we-can trip to Penang

Ok, this is an old story, about our recent (old but recent??) trip to Penang. Participant for this amazing food race was my mom, sister, Smellybutt, myself and my eldest brother whom just came back from Singapore. All we did was eat-walk- sleep for 3D2N in that beautiful island. Life is great! But not everyday....haha.

We left KL at about 9.30am, after our breakfast. Traffic was smooth except for some bumper to bumper at the Penang bridge. Normal lah tu. So we get to check-in to Evergreen Laurel Hotel @ Gurney Drive around 2.30pm. Not much activity on day 1. Hunted for some light meal nearby the hotel and brought Smellybutt to the long awaited kiddy pool to splash splash water a bit with her beloved duck duck float. And as usual, her Ah Yi will be the "duck driver" coz I tak boleh bend down so much in the water for the navigation job! My sexy curvy S shaped back bone will crash if I do so.

our very first char kuey teow and asam laksa from the stall near the hotel. taste? not bad!

the duck walker and navigator

Day 1 dinner at Restoran Balihai together with my SIL and her hubby. It was a revisit to this restaurant as we were there when we first brought Smellybutt to Penang, who was then 15mth old. Balihai's concept is something like the Unique Seafood Restaurant in KL/PJ. You know....those big fish tanks with variety of marine life for you to choose.

Day 2, we visited the Burmese Temple....

me and my top fav Owl long tee from BKK (only RM10!!)

And then we hurried down to Pasar Air Itam near the Kek Lok Si Temple for this yummylicious famous asam laksa. We were there early, thus no que, no sweat = more time to enjoy the sizzling hot and sour asam laksa. I could only take a few spoon of it, as I can't bear the consequences of polishing 1 bowl. Stomach very the sensitive now with spicy and sour food. Nanti gastric ma lor li jin lor.

Next, we went to this old kopitiam at the corner @ Chawrasta. Tried the char kuey teow with duck egg! Yummy!!! And not forgetting the very famous and laku chendol just beside the kopitiam. We ordered the chendol and it was delivered into the kopitiam for us. Because of having the chendol inside the kopitiam, maka kopitiam taukeh soh has actually charged us extra 50cent for each bowl. See, so panai hor, collect commission from the customer instead of the seller. Actually ar, come to think of it, the chendol was just another same chendol from KL also. Nothing to shout about.

old kopitiam with the classic seats like those in Hong Kong.

Dinner time, we went to this Restaurant Teluk Kumbar, situated in some ulu place lah. Only the GPS can bring us there else we wouldn't know the existing of this place. The environment of this place is...erm, just like having your meal beside the sea, with the smell of sea salt. Hahaha not too bad though, the sea salt smell was not very geng lah. So we had our dinner at this ulu place with a mou dek hoi keng (great sea view) behind us! Oh, btw to have your food here, rule of thumb = be early! You must reach there latest by 6pm, otherwise you've gotto wait for air pasang/ air surut baru dapat meja.

Left to right clockwise : a steamed fish, kong pou lai liew har, kangkung belacan, a plate of don't know what mee, satay WITHOUT satay sauce!

Hubby recommended to try that satay, must try wor. Taste was...hhmm...Ok lah but some how we still prefer to dip the satay into the thick peanut sauce! Hahhahaha. Defeat the purpose coz the uniqueness of this satay is they pre-dip the raw meat into the peanut sauce before they grill it :)

And before we went back to the hotel, we had our finale supper - Aki Pancake. I tell you ar, this Aki Pancake is a must try. It cost about RM1.50 - RM2.50pc, depending on the type of filling you want. Aki offers more than 100 types of filling, and Aki is also the first to come out with this pancake with lots of different filling. We bought 3 - peanut, almond chocolate and banana. Though a bit pricey but the taukeh really sumbat lots of filling for each pancake, so worth paying!

Day 3, early morning after breakfast at the hotel lobby, we went to this Chinese Temple, forgotten where was this place. Pray a while and then we bid goodbye to Penang. Had our lunch in Ipoh and then straight back to KL.

At night, hubby came to have dinner with us. So we went to Damansara Uptown for my all time favorite Hokkien mee with lots and lots of zhu yao zhar!! Drooling!!

So that was our Penang adventure from 23rd - 26th July 2010. Tomorrow I will be going back to Ipoh with my mom and Smellybutt and we are going to have another round of eat till you drop session IN PENANG AGAIN over the weekend. But this round, a bit different lah coz we will eat all the way from Kulim to Penang. 8th August is a very auspicious day for me coz both my mom and MIL will celebrate their birthday on this same "ong" day! Woohoo!


Lisa Chan said...

Enjoy your holiday in Penang this weekend ya!! :)

If got time try the Lorong Selamat - Big Fat Diva char kuey toew.. but "must wait 1 hour ar!" her popular reply.. hehe..

Tips: Don't fight to pay for the kuey teow.. it is about RM7+ per plate! :P

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

waaa i WILL GO then!! and WON'T rebut to pay :P hahahhahahha

LittleLamb said...

wah..i read your post already also make me full... dont feel like eating. so much eating..hahahaha

Chinneeq said...

wah...u seem to travel A LOT in this pregnancy ler! shiok nya!!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

haha must eat that much in penang, else not enuf time to cover all the nice food :P

yeah this pregnancy i travel the most!! i feel amazing too. after deliver, masuk penjara oredi lor....


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