19 August, 2010

I don't want to be stretched

I mean my skin. Big bulging tummy....with high elasticity skin =) Guess that I should rephrase it as "added elasticity" courtesy of my 1st pregnancy.

Thank God that I only had very minor stretch mark on my tummy from the 1st pregnancy. Not too noticeable if I ter-reveal my tummy some times.

Here's the stretch mark cream I've been using lately. I didn't apply any cream on my tummy during the 1st three month of my pregnancy. Forgotten about it, and by the time I realized it, I have no idea which brand to choose too :P My mom said that I should have start using it from day 1 of my pregnancy, not to wait until tummy grow big big then only start applying all sorts of stretch mark cream. Last time, I bought 1 bottle of anti-stretch mark cream from Watson store. It was Boots brand. I can't find it anymore now. So during my Bangkok trip, my friend asked me whether I need anything from Boots Pharmacy or not. All the products from that pharmacy are either direct from USA or made in Thailand for the USA company, so worth buying as the price is reasonable too. Ok, so I headed to the nearby Boots Pharmacy to 8 on their products. Since I haven't gotten myself any stretch mark cream, I've asked the store assistant for help. Here's what the lady recommended to me.

Brand name is Botanics, and it's from the organic range. It only cost me 310Baht (RM31!!) for a bottle of 150ml. Very cheap lah. They don't have any tester at that point of time, so I only bought 1 bottle. I have tried other brand, which has thick texture. That makes me feel uncomfortable, as if my tummy has a layer of glue. On the same day I bought it, I tried it on after shower. I fell in love with it! Smells good and it absorbs well too, so no sticky feel on my skin. The very next day, I went back to the store and bought another bottle before I fly back to KL =)

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LittleLamb said...

yes...my apply cream wor. my tummy now is so ugly.


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