18 August, 2010

Flower girl wanna be, AGAIN??

November 13th is my most awaited day. No...not my delivery date :P It's my very close cousin sister's big day at The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Hahaha, I'm not the big star for the day and yet I'm so looking forward to it. Why? Coz once again, Smellybutt has been selected as the flower girl for that big event. If you've missed out the flower girl episode last year, do check out the following link. Have a good laugh on lil monster's silly stunt =)


She couldn't make it a year ago, failed to follow proper instruction. And now she has got the 2nd chance to do it! This round, all she needs to do is to walk straight on the isle, hand in hand with Sonia jie jie. Sonia will be in charged to throw the petals. But we are worry that Smellybutt will rebut to do the same too! You know lah kids, don't want to chap shue ma (being left out). Maybe get her a small basket to hold also lah.

Smellybutt will get to wear a dok san deng zhou (tailor made) dress too, same same with Sonia. Dress code lah tu. My cousin memang very geng 1. I foresee that the outcome of her arrangement will be very impressive and will surely give surprises to everyone. She's indeed a very creative person. She even get the hotel to arrange a special table just for the kids with special kiddy meal - mini pizza, etc. And will provide them some coloring tools, just to keep them occupied rather than running around the banquet hall. Good huh? The hotel personnel commented that nobody has ever asked for such arrangement before! So thoughtful of her lah ^_^

Now I really need to get the rehearsal started, even though she has only been tasked to walk straight :P Teacher Nel knew about this and she has told me that Smellybutt really need more practice. Because in pre school, Teacher Nel noticed that she can't seemed to participate well in the sports game, although only asked her to walk straight for a very short distance +_+ Cham lor....looks like she doesn't like to be asked to walk straight huh? Too boring? Not challenging at all? Just a simple instruction and yet failed to obey. But strangely ya, she can handle an I-Phone better than me - the way to unlock the key pad, to choose and play the games she likes from 20 over apps. She can remember each and every steps to activate many different apps. She even asked Ah Yi this, "help me to type my name please" on the score board in the I-Phone so that her name appears in the hall of fame =) But ask her to walk straight, CANNOT! Maybe she has selective hearing :P Only hear and follow whatever pleases her. Tolong lah....just walk only, will ya? This time is for real leh, coz I've already given a piece of Smellybutt's dress as sample for my cousin's tailor to make 1 dress for her. Pray hard no hang char dap chor!

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