13 August, 2010

Ready to accept mei-mei?

Smellybutt has been giving me very positive feedback, or rather "reaction" whenever I mention about her little mei-mei. At her age now, the idea of sharing is still something against her law. But if I say play with mei-mei or do something with mei-mei in future, she nodded without second thought. Amazing-nya.

Take for example - the spoon. Smellybutt is very obsess with spoon. She has a few of the pink spoons from Baskin Robbin ice cream. We'll get the big spoon when we purchase the ice cream, and we also keep the tiny spoon whenever we ask for flavor testing =). So now I have 2 pcs of each size. The other day, I purposely asked her whether who should get the extra set of pink spoons? She said "for mei-mei lah" ^_^ So glad to hear that. Normally, her default answer would be "all mine! Cannot give other people (especially her 2 little cousin, MM & TT!!)".

On another occasion, I brought her to the bakery shop. She was so happy when she saw those birthday cakes. As usual, she started pointing at every cake and say "this 1 mine, this 1 mine, I want so many so many happy birthday cake!!". Then I overheard her saying "this 1 for mei-mei". Wow, that was really out of my expectation. While being so excited with the cakes, she sempat lagi "allocate" 1 cake for mei-mei too!

She would occasionally ask me and Popo "when is my baby coming out?". Hahahaha HER BABY wor =) And when my sister asked her what would you like to be when you have grown up? She said " I want to be jie-jie". Waaaah I really really hope that she will be a good jie-jie looking after her mei-mei in 4 months time.

I guess that my effort of brain washing her about getting a little sister does pay off! :P


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