07 August, 2009

Cutest for my naughtiest one

Check out what I've bought for Smellybutt. Just arrived, hot from the oven! I mean the courier van :D

These cutie little underwear are not the normal underwear though. These are the training pants, meant for children who are ready for potty. Some information to share with everyone about training pants.

Training pants helps to increase child's motivation to be toilet trained. They are not cloth diaper or disposable diaper, thus their level of absorbency is low. Some features of the training pants are :

  • waterproof outer layer
  • double layer soaker
  • 100% soft cotton flannel next to child's skind which helps prevent rashes without masking the sensation of wetness

They are so cute! Irresistible! Can't help but to purchase the boy's design too. Hehe, it is just an underwear, same cutting for girls ma...so why not! The 2 boy's design are Monril brand. Quality is superb! The below picture shows the inner part of the training pants. It is exactly like the cloth diaper too. If you are cloth diapering your child, then you should know what I mean.

Smellybutt has been doing very well with the potty so far. The only time where she would forgotten the potty is when she's too busy with her toys /books, and during her sleeping time (afternoon nap and night time). Hope that with this training pants, she will be more alert of her business after this :D

Here's a box of cute rompers for her too. Aiseh...another irresistible purchase, they just got to end up on my hand now. I purposely picked this design as they are just nice for my lil naughty Smellybutt. She was born in the year of pig, but she acts like a monkey! LOL! Courtesy of my gene though, a monkey year mama. 1 box comes with 5 pieces of sleeveless romper. Brand is Mom and Bab. This cute collection is none other than from My Mini B Shoppe. Hehehe. Quality is very good and they are 100% soft cotton. It comes with a gift box, thus it makes a great gift too. Price is really affordable for this imported rompers, only RM65/box. Can't wait to see her wearing it!

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