07 August, 2009

Today, tomorrow and day after will be my busiest day ever

A busy weekend is awaiting me, right at the corner! :D

Smellybutt is officially 22 month old today. Hehe, so consider as another full moon celebration for her. A reason to buy a cake again tonight :D She loves cake and candle very much. In fact, she has dreamt of a Barney birthday cake, as what I've promised her too. This early morning, in the wee hour, suddenly she was awake with her big round eyes staring at me! Then I moved closer to her and she said this to me very loudly "mama! buy Barney birthday cake arr!!". I said yes to her, then she dozed off. Hahahaha. That was cute.

Btw, I haven't decided yet which cake to buy. Because my mom has been searching online for other bakers who can bake yummy and nice looking cartoon cake. My mom is very hook up with the internet, search for knitting design, about beauty products, which cream is very poisonous and harmful to our skin, joining lots of forums, find the latest computer game and to crack the password to play it for free :D LOL!! I'm proud of having such an IT savvy mama!

Tomorrow my IT mama will celebrate her sweet 62 year old birthday! Not only that, 8th August is also my mother in law's birthday, and my ex colleague's birthday as well!! And tomorrow I need to attend a wedding dinner too. This year, 8th August is a very busy and "ong" day for me lah.

But last week, we had a pre-birthday celebration for my mom together with my eldest brother who was back from Singapore. My brother has been staying in Singapore for the past 10 year. He studied for his A-Level there, then at NUS and thereafter continue working in Singapore until now.

This is our all time favourite cake, Royal Almond from Thyme Bakery @ Desa Aman Puri. I have asked them to customize this cake with the honey bee outlook. Isn't it a cute cake?

Smellybutt rebut to cut the cake :D

An attempt to lick the plastic knife !!

My happy mama with her favorite cake

Last but not least, I'll have a busy and exciting Sunday for Picnic@theBangalow organised by Tiny Tapir Eco Shop. FYI, it's a FREE event for everyone ya. Do hop over there for a BBQ session at their private garden, line up with lots of activities for both mommy and kids. My Mini B Shoppe will make its first public appearance for the event too!! Hehehe. Very excited for it. So make yourself available this Sunday, 9 Aug 2009, 12pm till 5pm and join the happening event ya! For more details, please click here.

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