18 August, 2009

Mama's car also don't want

Smellybutt has declared this, "don't want sit mama's car. sit Ah Yi's car only"!! What's the difference between Ah Yi's car and my car? THE SMELL.

My car still has some Ambi Pur car air freshener smell, though I have removed it long long time ago. I don't quite like it too (not that fresh feeling lah :P). My brother in law used to drive this car, so that is why the car perfume was once kept in this car that I'm driving now. But all this while, Smellybutt was Ok with my car leh.

Last Saturday, we went to Mid Valley to meet up with Aunty Dory. Before we got into my car, Smellybutt was about to cry, asking Popo not to bring her into my car. Aiyooo...and true enough, along the way to the mall, she attempted to puke a few times! The last attempt, she was crying already and said "don't want sit Mama's car ar!!". *geleng kepala liao*

Then she kept telling us that only want to sit Ah Yi's car. We figured out why. Because Ah Yi's car still have the smell of a new car. Btw, Ah Yi has been driving her new car for almost 6months already. So I told Smellybutt to ask Baba buy new car for me lor!! Muahahahaha!

I guess that I need to drive another car whenever Smellybutt is on board. I feel a bit tensed up with her whenever in my car, each of her puke action/attempt has actually drove me up the wall!!

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