10 August, 2009

Picnic@theBangalow : A happy day for us

It was a great day at Picnic@theBangalow last Sunday. The crowd was not as big as I've expected. But it's Ok lah, still a fun day though. Here's Mini B Shoppe, a mini shop for the day. Small crowd and yet still can make some sales. Almost can cover the rental fee. Hehe, not bad! :D

A simple hand made poster :D

Smellybutt enjoyed the day very much. She was so happy walking around the place, playing all sorts of toys available at a special room for the kids. There was a tall chinese girl in the same room, playing with her younger sister. She saw Smellybutt and then started to pinch her cheeks mildly, saying "eee, you are so cute". Hahaha. I thought Smellybutt would have jeling her for such criminal act. But she was Ok. Then the same girl came to me and said "hhmm..I think she's very light. I'll carry her!". I have no time to stop her at all, and my lil Smellybutt already been lifted up. I quickly play along with 2 of them, make some monkey noise and funny face, just to distract Smellybutt a bit. I expect Smellybutt to cry out loud, but again, she didn't...Cool!! Later only I found out that the lady who did a bento demo was the mother for the girl who did the feather weight lifting earlier :P Another funny incident was, Smellybutt tripped and fell on the floor. Don't know how she walk on the carpet lah. I quickly asked her, are you OK? She said this to me "no pain, luckily I got wear clothes ooo". LOL!!

Next, we brought her out to the garden as there were a few bouncing toys available, and I knew Smellybutt would love them. She has played with it before, when she was in the pediatrician clinic waiting for her jabs. She kept saying "dun niao, dun niao" while riding on it. She even refused to get out of the place even though we were all kena goreng under the hot sun.

Her "dun niao dun niao" action

Look at the sweat lah...

Then grabbed this adult bouncing ball and kicked it!

Resting on Doof bean bag - a very very expensive bean bag! Trust me.


debbie said...

wah... so much fun!

Mumsgather said...

Your handmade poster is very nice! :)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

TQ mumsgather *blushing* and Thx again for dropping by :)


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