14 August, 2009

Don't want papa's car

Adui...I don't know how long this will continue. Couple of weeks ago, Smellybutt cheated me about her vomit action whenever we were in the car. She has been acting very well, full of expression with her stereotype dialogue "mama, vomit aaa..". After some observation on her with such behaviour, she seems to be paranoid with HubB's car actually. If we need to go out with HubB's car, she refused to enter the car. Not even let me open the car door too. I asked her why she doesn't like papa's car, and she replied "don't want papa's car...vomit aaa...". Yeah, I have expected her to say so. The moment I opened the car's door, she immediately want to puke liao! The "bluueekk" sound was so real. But nothing came out, phew!

I guess it could be due to the car air freshener smell, which make her feel nausea. All this while, since she was born, we have never changed the car's perfume leh. We have been using Ambi Pur Aroma Gel with Peach flavor. Yum Yum!

We are so puzzled, why all of the sudden she's "allergic" to the smell. How come? This will not happen if we travel on my sister's car or my car. HubB's car a bit sueh lah now :P

Anyway, HubB has bought a charcoal base deodorizer. Hopefully it helps to remove the peachy smell in his car. Charcoal is a good absorbent. It works well to absorb smell and acts as dehumifier, thus it is best placed in cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

We'll be going back to Ipoh in 2 weeks time. I don't know how will the 2 hour plus journey turn out to be. Hopefully nothing gross take place. Just sleep all the way, will ya?

Pretty packaging

It comes with an anti slip mat too
(the one on top of the box)


Health Freak said...

You're Ipoh mali? Me too!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehe me made in KL :p HubB ipoh (Bercham) mali :)


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