12 August, 2009

Home made play dough, I'm gonna try it soon

As I was blog hopping, I've stumbled upon this super mom blogger who has shared with everyone about the recipe for a home made play dough. It was awesome lah! I wanted to get some play dough for my lil Smellybutt too, but each time I look at them, I just couldn't stop thinking having them in her tummy. Even though it says non toxic and safe for children. Sure boh? My lil alam flora just love to pick things up from the floor and chucked it into her dustbin mouth! Apatah lagi the colorful play dough, right? If you are keen to try it out, check out the recipe here, or here for more recipes (cooked and non cooked type) from the mat salleh.

entirely edible play dough for your lil one!

Wait a minute! If you are lazy like me, and still want to make your own play dough which doesn't require cooking, then this would be a better choice for all the lazy bum :D I just googled it and get this marvelous non cooking recipe. Do share with me once you have try it out ya!

Here's the lazy bum recipe :
3cups flour
1/3 cup salt
2tbsp oil (veg)
1cup water
7 drops food coloring

1) Mix dry ingredients with oil
2) Add food coloring to water and mix together.
3) Add water to flour/salt/oil mixture slowly ~ about 1/4 cup at a time and mix together with a spoon.
4) Once you've added all the water, knead the dough with your hands

I guess Smellybutt would love to play with it.
Will shop for the ingredients and get started soon!

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