21 August, 2009

Go go holiday tommorow

I'm very excited plus a bit worry for our Cameron trip tomorrow. Excited because all of us, including my dad will travel together. My dad doesn't like to travel. So it is amazing that he wanted to join us this round. Worried a bit because this is the first time we bring Smellybutt to Cameron, with the winding road condition. Even though we will use the new Tapah route, but still....a winding road also. I don't know whether she will have any motion sickness or not. My dad, HubB and I will definitely need to pop a Novomin pill, to prevent any fountain-alike action going on in the car. Yes, 3 of us are lembik. We can't stand those winding road, the sea and the areoplane. My sister will be the driver, else she would join the Novomin club too. Hahahaha...she's yet another lembik one also lah. People like my dad and sister can never be the passenger. They need to drive, they are too used to be the driver hence they will have motion sickness when they become the passenger. At least HubB and I are not as bad as both of them. We still can tahan better.

Yesterday night already packed most of Smellybutt's clothing. Thick and thin, extra of this and that...sigh...it is just a 2D1N trip to Cameron, still pack like pindah rumah. I have not pack her food and other stuff leh - toys, milk powder, bottles, straws, cup, bowl, spoons, cheese, bread, honey star, fish biscuit, koko crunch and raisin, just to name a few. Hahaha! A few konon.

Since Monday, I've told (or rather brain wash her!) Smellybutt that we will be going to Cameron, a pretty cold place for a holiday. Also mentioned to her that we will bring her to harvest some strawberry. When I asked her back what are we going to do in Cameron, here's what she has said to me :

Me : QQ, what do we do in Cameron?
QQ : Go kick ball!!!
Me : ???? Ok we will try. Some more?
QQ : pluck soh-beh-ri

Hehehehehe :)

Will take lots of pictures (HubB just bought me a 4GB memory card!) there and shall update again after the trip ^_^

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