03 August, 2009

Flower girl...can ar??

Last Saturday, we went for a relative's wedding dinner at Jalan Imbi. Luckily we left the house quite early as the road was so jam that day. It started all the way from Jalan Kuching right up to Jalan Tun Razak. There was a road block near The Mall. No wonder lah so jam. Coincidently, with all these road block and traffic jam, along the road we saw a few cars broke down and they 'enhance' the traffic at the same time. Adui...what a journey.

I was pretty excited to attend the wedding dinner with Smellybutt. The last round she attended one was sometime in...err....oh gosh, I can't remember. I guess it was during my 2nd SIL's wedding in Ipoh in April 2008. At that point of time, Smellybutt was just 6 month old. Now, 22 month old wannabe, a whole new experience for her and myself! Coz she can talk so much now, asking this and that all the time, compared to her 6 month old age, she only oooo and aaahhh. Hehe, not much pressure at that time.

Everything went well, except during the newly wed couple marched into the dining hall. You know, the lights off and loud music...these are the must do for any chinese wedding dinner. The moment they switched off the main lights and the room became darker (dim light condition), she started to get closer to me and said "mama, aa mo mo liao", means dark already. I said yeah, just for a while only and they will switch on the light again very soon. She wasn't convinced with it and she demanded for the lights to be on!! And then her eyes were flooded with tears liao. I held her tightly and explained to her again that the beautiful bride will walk in soon. I kept reminding her that for aunty Dory's wedding, she will be walking in first while holding a small basket with flower petals in it. She was a bit relieved with it, and I have to add in some story about Ah Jat (crockroach) incident. That finally made her laughed.

So, my previous prediction was quite accurate though, that she will cry for the dim light condition. I'm worry that she might ruin aunty Dory's big day. If Smellybutt can't make it, then she'll call off the flower girl thingy. Oh dear....I really want to make it happen for aunty Dory. But won't put pressure on Smellybutt though. Will just try my level best to coach her. Haha. Coaching konon.

Smellybutt's big gu jeh was even more excited as she called me up last Friday asking for Smellybutt's height. She wanted to buy a flower girl dress for Smellybutt!! So nice of you big gu jeh :) But I told her not to buy any now, as I still do not have the confident that Smellybutt can perform well as a flower girl. More training needed!

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