20 August, 2009

Help the poor villagers in Kapar

I'd like to share this with everyone, hoping to have more helping hands, volunteers and donation for the poor villagers in Kapar.

I have gotten the permission from my friend, Suzette, who has blogged about this, to copy the content of her write up and post it on my blog. I have not been involved in this charity program before, thus I believe whatever she has to say about it will give a better picture to everybody.

My heart was sadden by the condition of this unfortunate child, as well as the other poor villagers. Knowing their current living condition has really make me feel more grateful with what I have now - a healthy family, a steady job and income, able to have food on table and a comfy shelter.

My family and I will do our bit to help them out. Will start to pack some extra toiletries for the adult usage, and not forgetting to pack those 'abandoned' clothing of mine (people got no baju to wear and I have plenty to be abandoned at the corner of my wardrobe!) and some of Smellybutt's old clothing too. They really need more children's baju now. Err... I guess that with my petite skinny skeleton size, my baju should be able to fit the children too. Also a very special thanks to my beloved mom. She has rendered her full support for this charity drive. My mom was a government servant for more than 30 years, and she was under the Kementerian Perpaduan dan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia. Visited many orphanage homes and has seen many of those poor and pitiful families. Thus she can relate very well with what I've shared with her about this charity drive yesterday night.

Here's the story about Lotus Planet, which has been in existence since 17th April 2008. Todate, it has fed and helped thousands of the hungry in the rural & urban poor of KL. It is without doubt the ONLY organisation in KL which is non racial and non religious in its approach. Apart from this weekly street feeding, Lotus Planet has also extended its mission to the poor villagers in Kapar. Apart from basic food supplies, the villagers are also in need of medical support. One child in particular is Kartik.

Kartik is a 10 year old boy. He is a paraplegic. He was born normal but sometimes last year he suffered a high fever. He was taken to Klang General Hospital. He had two bouts of such high fever. However, after he recovered from his fever, he became a paraplegic. It is suspected that he could have contacted meningitis. Now, Kartik is not able to use his limbs. He is not able to walk or talk.

Kartik’s parents are drug addicts. They had abandoned him with his paternal aunt, Letchumy, ever since he was very young. His parents whereabouts are not known. Kartik’s birth was not registered, hence he has no legal documentation.

Kartik is not able to control his bowel movements. As a result, he is put on disposable diapers. He uses 10 pieces a week. Apart from that, he is also fitted with a pacemaker. He needs to go to the Hospital at least once a month for physiotheraphy etc. Each visit costs about RM200, which Letchumy is not able afford. There are times when these visits had to be skipped because of lack of funds.Kartik needs a wheelchair in order to be mobile. On a weekly basis he needs a pack of disposable diapers. He has been advised to drink Junior Plus Milk to strengthen his bones. Kartik needs long term care and assistance.

Specifically for Kartik:
A new or used wheelchair is urgently required. If you have one that you have used, that would be great, as it also saves the environment instead of purchasing a new one. Donation of disposable diapers and Junior Plus Milk would be appreciated.Of course, donation in cash is a relief to his hospital visits too. We also need volunteers to help buying and visiting this village.For other children in Kapar:We need donations of food supplies, medical, diapers, supplements, toiletries, clothes (particularly children’s clothing), shoes, toys and books. The visit to Kapar village is once a month, with the next one scheduled for 5 Sept, 1 Oct and 16 Oct (special Deepavali visit).If you are unable to help the villagers in Kapar, but if you run a blog, please can you help spread out the words?On behalf of the villagers in Kapar, we thank you very much in advance!

For the street feeding program, we need volunteers to pack and distribute the packs – we do this at 3pm every Sat at a shoplot in Damansara Uptown. We also need donation of ready to eat food/drinks for the street feeding. We usually feed around 500 people, but donations of any amount is welcomed.For those who are interested to volunteer, you may contact Ms Yeap: yeapkimsee (at) hotmail (dot) com; and/or Ms Ainie: lotus (dot) planet (at) yahoo (dot) com.

A PERSONAL NOTE (from Suzette)
My ex-boss has been actively involved in this program. I think this is a very great and warm/meaningful project, particularly on the Kapar mission. This is what she told me:“You see real poverty! The living conditions are really terrible. Women struggling to feed and keep the family alive. Most have many children, some do not go to school. They are so grateful for our support and look forward to our monthly visit.”She said, what touches her most in the village, are the smiling faces of the children and the hope in the mothers’ eyes.Please help spread the words. Let us bloggers do something to help this poor village.

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