15 September, 2009

"Eh Mak Engkau!"

That's what exactly you gonna hear from me if I did something unintentionally, example drop something down or accidentally spill some water onto the floor. Normally the Malays are very used to this, they call it melatah. The very commonly used term is "oh pocot".

I can't really recall since when I have this melatah habit. Quite a rare habit for a Cina ah beng like me. Mainly due to my school mates who are mostly the Malays during my primary and secondary school. That's why I can actually speak like them too :P Besides this, another weirdo thing which happens to my elder sister and myself is.....we both speak Bahasa at home! Muahahahaha. Don't ask me why, I can't tell either. It just happen so naturally. Before my Malay colleague knew about this, she was very surprised when she heard me talking in Bahasa and mixed a bit with Chinese over the phone. She asked me curiously, who did I talk to? I said talking to my sister lah! She starred at me blankly.

Now come to the most interesting part. I have a successor too. Apparently, Smellybutt LOVES to say the same whenever herself and/or myself did something wrongly, or whenever she saw me being clumsy a bit. She heard me saying "eh mak engkau", and the very next day, she could actually say it out too! Guess how does her version sounds like? She said "maadao!" LOL!!

Each time I drop something I will try my best not to melatah infront of Smellybutt. But this lil parrot will giggle and say "mama nearly drop it...maadao!"My sister and I would always laugh out loud when we heard her saying "maadao". Sooo cute and hilarious lah!


Debb said...

haha! funny... luckily she never pick other nonsense word..

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehehe debbie...ada jugak...tak cerita je :P


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