15 September, 2009

Flower girl wannabe : the worst episode

It's getting out of control....

Sigh...Aunty Dory....I almost give up to live up ur hope. Smellybutt seems to enjoy the rehearsal WITHOUT following my instruction. Hahahaha. This round (could it be the final round??) Popo pretended to be her partner. We thought that by doing so, she would have a better picture of what would take place on the actual day. But we were wrong lah. She couldn't be bothered about Popo walking with her side by side. In the end, in order to empty her basket, she terbalikkan her basket!! Then ran away!!

I noticed that she couldn't do 2 things at 1 time. Either we get her to walk only, or stand there and throw the flower petals onto the floor without moving an inch ^_^ In another word, she is not ready for multi tasking - walk and throw flower petals onto the floor at the same time. Actually Aunty Dory didn't ask for it. I was the one who get Smellybutt to throw flower petals when marching into the hall. I still can't guarantee that she can perform perfectly well even just to get her to walk in without any other stunt. Uwaaa..what talk me?? Everything seems to be a big NO NO. Like this cannot, like that cannot :O

Never mind...we'll be back to Ipoh this Raya holiday. Why not we have another 1 last final round, together with the bride and groom wannabe. Tiga ekor jalan sama sama. Hehehehe...I wonder what will happen. Excited!! I gotto tell Smellybutt about this plan. Must get her ready, mentally and physically.

Do check out the horrible stunt from the run away flower girl...haaiihh....

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