10 September, 2009

Le Tour De Cameron trip report

Last week Aunty Dory was telling me that she was looking forward to our Cameron trip story. Adui, now only I can cerita a bit here. No time no time...has been harchew-ing and coughing a bit lately. Luckily a minor attack, now recovering liao.

Ok, here's the mini report for our trip to the cooling and wet highland.

22 September, 2009 (Saturday)
We left our house at about 9am for breakfast. Immediately after the breakfast, I quickly took out Novomin, the magic pill, and fed the weak stomach travelers - my dad, my mom and the feeder herself! My sister was the driver, thus she didn't join the Novomin club. My mom doesn't need the magic pill actually. She doesn't have motion sickness problem, but because of travelling with Smellybutt who can never have her butt on the seat all time, she has to take it lah. Just in case she tak boleh tahan with Smellybutt moving around in the car non stop together with the winding road. Oh btw, we used the Tapah route to get to Cameron Highland. This new route is much less winding compare to the old road.

We reached Equatorial Hotel at about 3pm and it started to rain. Apalah...just arrived and rain pulak. No choice but to check in to our apartment and hibernate there lah.

An hour later, the rain stopped and we quickly jumped into the car and move on to Boh Plantation. Upon reaching the main entrance road to the Boh Tea Centre, we just noticed the sign board which says that the Tea Centre will be closed at 4.30pm. Waaaa....luckily we were there by 4pm, still have some time to linger around.

The cafe was so jam packed with people. My dad was assigned to jaga table and my mom and I got to que up for the drinks. My parents wanted to try their famous and laku teh tarik. Too laku, all sold out. We ended up with some Boh Tea and a piece of very nice and not too sweet chocolate cake. The green scenery at the plantation was superb! Weather was cold due to the rain earlier.

After walking around taking picture at the plantation, it started to drizzle again and we got to drive back to our room :(

At about 6pm, we went down to Tanah Rata to check out their pasar malam. Again, the moment we reached there, it started to rain. Sigh...what else can I say ar. Rain rain rain and rain. We then looked out for a steamboat dinner for the cooling weather. Most of the restaurants were full . So we have to wait for about 1/2 hour to get a table. We had an organic steamboat dinner, as the owner of the restaurant sells organic vegetable.

After the hot steaming dinner, we went back to our room and continue our hibernation :P The only things which kept Smellybutt busy in the room was the little light switches on the table next to our bed and not forgetting the TV remote control .

23 September, 2009 (Sunday)
We all woke up at 7.30am and headed down to the cafe at the lobby for our buffet breakfast. When we checked in on Saturday, we saw a few tourist bus there but not a big crowd though. But when we were having our breakfast half way thru, the crowd was getting bigger and there was a very long que at the entrance of the cafe. All waiting for their turn to get a table for breakfast.

After the breakfast, we headed to the Strawberry Farm next to Equatorial Hotel. So convenient! Luckily it didn't rain and we kept our promise to Smellybutt, to be able to pick our own strawberries (and ate a few at the same time!) We paid RM40 for harvesting 1kg of strawberries. We were given 2 big styrofoam tray for collection.

HubB was carrying Smellybutt throughout the harvest session. Both of them were having a good time testing the strawberries repeatedly!

Tadaa!! These are our picks of the day. There was a Bangladeshi worker in the farm who guided us how to pick a nice and sweet one. He was very kind and helpful. He told us that not to ignore the small size one as they are the sweetest! Very true!

Next, we went to the pasar pagi to borong some sweet corn and vegetables. No pictures for the stuff that we have bought, not enough hand to snap pictures leh. The corn and vege were so heavy lah! That was the final itenerary for our trip. We left the highland at about 11.30am as my sister has to meet up with her friends in the evening.

Overall, it was a fun trip. Smellybutt didn't fuss around in the car. Thank god.


Anonymous said...

Great job sou sou!! Updated the post which i was looking forward to read! :D kekekeke, Smellybutt did not fuss coz AH YEE's new car?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Ya no fuss mainly due to travelling in her fav car - Ah Yee's car!!

Chinneeq said...

it gets so easy once d kid is old enuf for travel right? i wanna go cameron too!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

chinnee, i wud prefer to travel with her when she was younger. Brought her to Guangzhao when she was 14th mth old, much much less headache compare to now, coz now talk so much = complaint + demand so much :P


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