04 September, 2009

Semangat patriotic

My poor blog...left it alone for more than a week untouched! Busy bee lately, not enough time to do update, even though I have a lot to write actually.

Here's a quick one. My lil "ngoi kok zhea" (it means the very faithful and loyal to the country :P) happily saying Merdeka! while waiving the jalur gemilang which Dun Dun bought it from kedai runcit belakang rumah. Hehehe. Now the mini flags are almost flat...too ganas with it.

Dun Dun taught her to say Negaraku. Then Smellybutt relates it with the flag. From then onwards, she's been calling the flag (whatever flag lah, even those by the road side for the chinese kao wong weh celebration) as "Nananaku".

When it rains, she'll say "Nananaku wet wet liao, aunty didn't keep it at home".
When she wants to sleep, she'll ask "Mama, Nananaku leh?". If I don't bring it up and place it next to the bed, just prepare to listen to her default question for 100x.

Happy (belated) Merdeka to everyone!

In the video :
Me : QQ, what are you holding?
QQ : Barney!!

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