18 September, 2009

What?? No cute cuppies for their birthday??

Last Monday, I was so so super super angry and disappointed when I got to know (last minute!!) from the baker that she was not able to deliver my order for this coming birthday celebration on 27th September 09. Really sueh lah...I had a hard time to decide which type of cake to buy for the VIPs - Smellybutt and my dad. Yes, this year we are going to have a join celebration for both of them, as their birthday date is just 5 days apart. And by the time I've made my decision to go for the cup cakes, this is what I get lah now.

I've placed my order with the baker on the 7th, and then I only get her reply on the 9th. Then ding dong ding dong for another 2days, she said she'll work out something for me. I was so relieved with her reply, meaning I'll be having the cute cuppies for the VIPs birthday! Her artwork on the cuppies deco are superb. In fact, my friend has ordered from her last month for her son's birthday. She told me that not only the design of the cuppies was great, the taste was good too. I was really looking forward to her cuppies.

Sigh, on 14th Sept, she told me that she couldn't make it for me. Well, in her email, she did apologize a few times for this bad news. She couldn't take anymore order for the time being due to the sudden workload change. She's still a full time employee, this baking biz is just her part time job. Ok lah, I do understand her position now. But at least she should have inform me earlier that she MIGHT NOT be able to do it for me lah. At least I still have plenty of time to hunt for another baker mah. I only have 1 week time to look out for new cake, and that would be during the Hari Raya break. GGrrrrrr.... I went berserk with her surprising news!

I have promised Smellybutt that I'm gonna get her Barney and friends birthday cake. Yes, the 3 stooges of purple, green and yellow dinosaurs. But at the same time, I have to suit it for my dad too. He'll turn 68yr old this year. With this, I pening kepala liao, coz the cute cuppies which I've initially ordered would have 2 different theme to suit them individually.

So what did I get for replacement on this very last minute? I've placed my order with San Ferri cake house. I love their cakes, taste good with reasonable price. I've browsed thru their customized cake design catalogue and found 1 design which is quite unique. Will not describe further here. Shall wait for De Day :) Hope can get a nice and yummy (mm..yummy level is guaranteed lah) birthday cake next week.

p/s : I wish I could bake...so that all the headache to choose for the right cake would not take place... IF I could
ever differentiate between the baking powder, the self rising flour and the whatever flour in the market. I don't like to bake, but I do have the interest to decorate the cake. Whatever involves art will catch my interest. I would foresee that my future first attempt could be on cupcake lah, smaller size ma. If I have the time, I want to learn about cake decoration.


Chinneeq said...

phiew...surely dissappointed lor...luckily u manage to get a replacement. so any birthday party here in yur place?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

yeah had it yesterday. a happy dinner with the last minute cake :)


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