26 November, 2009

2nd and 3rd day at Pre-School

Despite to the crying, Smellybutt still wants to go to the pre-school. This round, she wanted Popo to be with her all the time. I wasn't there, because I only took a day off on Mon, 23 Nov. I don't have many annual leaves left, so I need to use them wisely especially for emergency time.

On her 2nd day (Tuesday, 24 Nov 09) to the pre-school, she refused to let go her hand from Popo. She held both Popo's hand tightly. The moment Popo put her down, she started to cry and said "Popo don't go". You know lah, being Popo, sure pity her lil cucu...so ended up accompanied her at the pre-school for the whole morning. Popo did try to walk away from her, quietly. When she realized Popo wasn't at her sight anymore, she ran out and look for Popo. Her eyes were flooded liao. Sigh, this happened a few round, that was why Popo decided to stay with her. On Tuesday, the students did coloring. In total, there are 3 teachers in the classroom. 2 of them will be the assistant to the teacher.

On Wednesday, same drama took place. Eyes flooded, Popo being hand cuffed by Smellybutt again. No, Popo's heart wasn't that keras to abandon her so there goes another day in the pre-school. But Wednestday was more fun. The teacher taught the student to make jelly (agar-agar) and sandwich. Smellybutt was so excited with it. To be more precise, anything that has to do with food, she will be very happy to 'handle' them. For the jelly, the teacher showed them how to pour the liquid into the mould and to let it harden a bit before consuming the jelly. So while waiting for the jelly to be harden (in the air-cond room), all the students moved to the living hall to watch cartoon series for 10min. Before leaving the room, Smellybutt wanted to touch the jelly mould. Popo told her not to touch is first, as it is hot. Smellybutt insisted to touch it and she did. She said "Popo, it's cold lah". LOL! While watching the cartoon series, most of the kids were playing and making lots of noise. Smellybutt said softly "slow down your volume lah". She wasn't really talking to anyone in specific. She just said it out very softly, only Popo can listen to her. Hahaha. At home, she is the queen of amplifier, which she has forgotten actually :P Next, they learnt to prepare sandwich. Just spread a thin layer of butter on the bread, then sprinkle some colorful chocolate chips on it, and voila! Sandwich ready to eat :) My mom said all the kids were eyeing on the box of colorful chocolate chips. Irrisistable!

Ok, that's all about her pre-school activities which Popo managed to observe so far. Tomorrow is a holiday, so no school. I've make it a point that next week, Smellybutt has to be alone in the school without her bodyguard Popo. Hope that Smellybutt would be able to adjust herself in pre-school.

P/s : apart from the above happy and fun input, I got to know some bad things, which might affect Smellybutt if she continues to be there. As you know, my mom was there with Smellybutt for 2 days, thus she has observed something which is not in favor of the small kids. We don't mean to be there and purposely find out what is the teacher's fault. Just that coincidentally, my mom saw some incidents which we feel that it shouldn't happened in the first place, if the teachers pay more attention to the students. As I've mentioned earlier, there are 3 teachers in the classroom. How can they be so careless? 3 of them overlooked 'it'? Hmmm...my heart already say a big NO NO to this pre-school. Definitely NOT going to enroll Smellybutt for next year intake. Now considering whether I should let her complete the 4 weeks holiday program or not? Yes or No? I'm in thinking mode again....sigh....


Mumzzy said...

me soooo curious. what is the incident that they overlooked? do share.
poor smellybutt, heart breaking to see her flooding tears, hope she will be able overcome this fear in school. i know it's not easy...even for myself heee..i used to be like that :P

Smelly Butt's Ama said...
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Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Mumzzy, I'll just share it here very briefly :)
a new student, 3yr old gal went to the toilet alone. She stepped on the small stool and adjusted her butt on the toilet seat. The toilet seat was without the plastic cover which we adult will use normally. Can u imagine, a lil gal adjusting her small butt on that BIG toilet seat, that BIG hole??!! what if she slips and fall into it? tell me, isn't that not supposed to happen rite?

Lovely Mommy... said...

hmmm... toilet alone? wow! sgt bahaya... if aku bawak diya pun n terpaksa buang pampers dia kat tong sampah sinki toilet tu(just few steps away) pun aku berkejar2 hahahha takut dia jatuh.


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