18 November, 2009

Wept for the missing ant

Smellybutt has been watching this DVD for few days in a row - A Bug's Life. I watched it once long long time ago, so I can't really recall the story line.

The other day, my dad told me that Smellybutt cried so badly, due to the movie! There is 1 part of the movie where the baby ant kena kidnapped by the bad ant (I guess so). That was what my dad told me. When come to that part, my dad told Smellybutt "you see, poor baby ant, being kidnapped away already. later mama ant cannot find baby ant". The next thing he knew was, Smellybutt started to cry, louder and louder. My dad got a shocked, for the first time she cried for a movie.

Next morning, again she wanted to watch it so my dad played that movie for her. This round, my dad didn't want to say anything to her. When that kidnapping part came, she immediately cry! She was sadden by the missing baby ant. This drama took place for a few morning. Can't help it, coz she demanded to watch it repeatedly.

I can't believe it. She's just 25mth old and she can be so emotional, for a movie. She understands the meaning of missing from mother's sight.

Last Saturday, I played her another DVD, Finding Nemo. When Nemo went missing and his dad started to look for him, I accidently told Smellybutt "aiyo, Nemo bu jian liao, missing already." I couldn't take back my words. She looked at me and repeated after me "Nemo bu jian liao". Her voice was shaking and I knew that she will cry very soon. Alamak...I quickly tell her that Nemo will be back later :P She nodded and repeated to me the same. 1min later, she asked me non stop, "mama, Nemo leh?". Really lo-li-jin lah me (cari pasal!). LOL!!

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