26 November, 2009

First day at the Pre-School

Sorry lah, I should have used the term pre-school instead of kindi. Blur mommy.

I've actually blog this on Mon, 23 Nov 09 via mobile blog. I thought that it will appear on this blog, but it didn't. After reading about mobile blog this morning, only then to find out how does it work.

Her pre-school starts on 23 Nov 09. This is the picture of her a day before the 'disastrous' day, happily carrying her school bag together with her beloved umbrella. She LOVES umbrella very very much. Btw, we've been telling her for the hundreds of time that we will drop her at the pre-school and she can play with other kids there. After lunch, Popo and I will fecth her home. She nodded with smile each time I say that to her.

More smiles....

Tadaaa!! That's her in blue top, queuing up at the pre-school on 23 Nov 09, 8.30am. She's the smallest size among her age group! Please excuse me for the bad quality picture (again!) as I snapped it via my mobile camera. Their morning assembly kicked off by singing and dancing. They sang more than 3 mandarin songs! Smellybutt just stood there and looked at the other students. At 1 time, I went to her and told her to follow the teacher to dance. She said to me "mama, you stand there lah". She pointed back at my standing place, asking me not to stand beside her wor. Waseh...berlagak ye :)

Next, they were all seated on a mini bench, waiting for the teacher to prepare for the games activity. The girl next to her was a newby too, age 3. Another girl in white dress, (seated 3rd from right) was so caring to Smellybutt. Initially she was seated next to Smellybutt. She put her arms over Smellybutt's shoulder, as if like protecting her. So good girl!

Once the game started, my mom and I went to the other side, standing behind her instead of facing her. Smellybutt turned around looking for us a few times. Then she walked towards me and then hugged Popo's leg. I brought her back to the bench and asked her to wait for her turn to play the game. I quickly asked the teacher to give her a ball and let her play now, so that we can make a move. After we have left the pre-school, we peeped from the main gate and saw her holding the teacher's leg. No crying. We went for our breakfast at the nearby coffee shop. Before we go home, we went to peeped on her again. Saw her walking around the classroom with a teacher following her from behind. Again, no crying. We thought that she must be brave enough to go through the day without us.

At 12.15pm, we reached the pre-school to fetch her home. Before we enter the classroom, the aunty saw us and told us that she was sleeping. Huh?? Sleeping?? The teacher told us that she cried many times in the morning. But she cried softly only, not the yelling type. She kept saying "mama leh? popo leh?". Poor girl :( Aunty told us that she didn't take much bubur for lunch. She saw her eyes already half closed. So aunty put her on the tilam and told her to sleep there. Immediately lye down on the tilam, Smellybutt doozed off in a second. Teacher said that she carried her bag wherever she goes. Very precious ooo.

When we reached home, we asked her whether she was happy to be at the pre-school? Without hesitant, she said YES. Asked her tomorrow still want to go there? She said YES. OK, seems like the crying drama in pre-school didn't really stop her from going there again. At least she didn't tell me that she will not want to go there anymore. Good sign, I suppose.

That's all about her first day to the pre-school, for the holiday program. More juicy updates for her 2nd and 3rd day to the pre-school. Stay tuned.

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