13 November, 2009

Fever strikes

2 days ago, Smellybutt was down with fever. Initially it was a mild fever, 37.5 C. But when the night falls, her temperature shoot up to 38.8C. Quite high isn't it, for a young child like her. She refused to let me insert the pill into her butt, which can help to bring down the temperature faster compare to the syrup. Poor girl, cried so loud in the middle of the nite. Only 2 attempts, and we gave up coz the pill was very slippery and turn squishy the more I hold it. No choice but to feed her the syrup. She also doesn't like to have the cold patch on her forehead. Duhh...itu tak mau, ini tak mau. Tension oooo.

Luckily that her temperature went back to normal in the morning. I brought her to the Pediatrician, better to let the doctor check her out first even though fever has subsided. Furthermore, we are flying off to Sarawak next Tuesday. I want her to be in perfect health for this trip. So what did the doc say? The culprit was her inflammed tonsil, just as I thought so. Not enough of water intake? She has been very rajin consuming water everyday. But lately due to the raining season, she didn't take much water, weather is cold ma. So could it be due to the Sustagen Junior Choc flavour milk, too heaty for her?

After seeing the doctor, she didn't have any fever until today. Yay!! Speedy recovery!! We all can travel peacefully next week.

Oh, I must say the Yung Kien Ganoderma has play a big role too. It has certainly help her to fight against the virus/bacteria and promotes the production of antibodies during the 'war'. Will write more about it later.


Lovely Mommy... said...

mmg musim demam la beb... myself also belom baik batu untill now huhuhuh... lucky ur bay dah baik demam. mmg merisaukan kalau budak kecik ni demam selalu. sangat merisau kan.. neways good to hear shes ok already.. hehe.. enjoy ur trip to kuching heheheh

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ye la, risau bila anak sakit. i rela sakit utk dia kalo boleh. esok terbang..yay!!


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