16 November, 2009

So, it was the German Measles lah

My previous post ended with joy, right? No more fever. BUT....it didn't stop there.

Last Saturday, at around 11.30am when I was about to undress Smellybutt for a shower, I saw some tiny red rashes on her body. What are those red dots??? Dengue??? Choy choy choy! Then I recalled back what my mom has said about her fever. She told me "could it be the measles, which causes the fever?". I quickly bring her to the Pediatric clinic. Doctor confirmed it was Rubella, or commonly known as German Measles. In Chinese we call it "ka ma" (fake measles). But there's another measles which we Chinese call it "zhan ma" (real measles). Sounds funny right? That's the direct translation only lah :)

Sorry, this is the best shot I can take. This lil monkey will run away in a second!

So how do we differentiate the "ka ma" and "zhan ma"? Here's what the doctor explained to me.

Ka Ma :
children will have fever but it won't last long. Once fever has stopped, the red rashes will start to appear on the body.

Zhan Ma :
children will have high fever for about 4 days continuously and at the same time the red rashes will appear too. their eyes will turn red as well.

So what to do next? Any medicine to take? Nope. For Smellybutt, we just have to let the rashes to appear. She might have some itchiness too. What we can do is to keep her body cool. Don't wear too thick clothes and bath her with warm water will do. Doctor said that if her body is hot, more rashes will appear and hence more itchiness for her. We get a bottle of chamomile lotion, which can be applied on her body whenever she feels itchy. Chamomile lotion makes our body feel cool too when apply.

Smellybutt only complaint twice for the itchiness. Thus so far it is under control. Only her body has the rashes, more on the back of her body, and none on her face, hands and legs. I guess that the current cooling weather helps to minimize the itchiness too. We are heading towards the end of the year and we see lots of rain lately. If it is the usual hot sunny day, I bet she'll be very the itchiban all day long :P She is still as active as before (even when she was having fever too). I'm glad she did. Doctor said that the rashes will disappear within 3-4 days. So, I still get the green light from the doctor to bring her along for our Sarawak trip. Tomorrow is our travelling day. Yippie!!!

P/s : I remember that Smellybutt has taken the Rubella jab last time. Errm... honestly, I really cannot memorize all the name of the jabs, there are so many of them! So far, I didn't miss out any, even the optional jab (more over, can claim from company ma :P) So I guess that with the Rubella jab, she only suffer mild attack.


Health Freak said...

When Alycia was younger, whenever she had high fever, rashes would appear on her face, neck and body. Initially, I thought she had measles too. But the paed said no. One paed even said she was allergic to the antibiotics. However after a few incidences of high fever where rashes also appeared, I was convinced that the rashes were caused by the high fever. My mum told me that when I was a toddler, I would also have rashes break out in my body after a high fever. I suspect this is the case with Smellybutt too.

Chinneeq said...

so now once all the heat out, should be alright liao after a few days?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Chinnee, she had fever for 1day only, that was on Wed-Thur. Then the rashes came out on Sat, gone by Mon morning. Just in time for us to fly off to Sarawak :)

Health Freak, so far no rashes appeared for previous fever attacks (average of 38.7 degree the max), even if she has to take antibiotic for once. My SIL told me that her daughter had the same condition like what you've said too. Her daughter has to take antibiotic, then got rashes but no itchiness. The rashes gone after a few days. Dunno whether her daughter was allergic to the antibiotic or not.

Anonymous said...

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